A Travel guide to Mashhad

holly shrine

A Travel Guide to Holly Mashhad When it comes to Mashhad, most of us remember the holly shrine of Imam Reza and the pilgrimage which changes one’s mood and fills one’s being with a sense of peace. Of course, Mashhad has many other spectacular attractions that make traveling to it sweet and memorable. Every year, …

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The Best Apartment Hotels In Mashhad

Mashhad Apartment Hotel

Introduction of the best apartment hotels in Mashhad Decreasing the price to almost half,is one of the features apartment hotels in Mashhad have it. Apartment hotels are very comfortable and accommodate people who choose these residences, all the facilities of a restful house. Today we’re going to investigate some of the best apartment hotels which …

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7 Best Iran Luxury Hotels of 2020 (with Images & Prices)

Dariush hotel Kish

Introduction of 7 luxury hotels in Iran Luxury high-stars grand hotels can attract many tourists in any country, sometimes these hotels are considered as tourist attraction themselves. Join us in this article and we’ll introduce you some of the best luxury hotels in Iran. The luxury Darvishi hotel in Mashhad This glorious hotel in 20 …

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The 12 Best Hotels in Mashhad 2020 (Prices, Photos & Address)

darvishi hotel

Introduction of 12 best hotels in Mashhad Mashhad is the second big city in Iran which as a religious city attracts many tourists every year. The holly and pilgrimage city is also one of touristy polar of country and there are lots of tourist attractions and beautiful sights except holly shrine of Imam Reza. Therefore …

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10 popular villages around Mashhad

Mashhad is geographically located among a mountainous area and that’s why it has a great climate. The villages around this city have shaped for this advantage and turned to one of the attractions in Mashhad. Today we’re going to introduce you 10 best villages around Mashhad and also some info about access ways and their …

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