The Persian Gardens of Iran: A Journey through Serene Beauty

eram garden shiraz

Hi, nature lovers! Get ready to embark on a journey through serene beauty as we explore the Persian Gardens of Iran. These magnificent creations are more than just gardens—they’re living masterpieces that will transport you to a world of tranquility and splendor. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your camera, and let’s dive into …

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Safa House, an eco-lodge residence

Introduction of Safa House in Kashan Kashan is the city of flowers and roses in Iran which everyone knows it with its fragrant rose scent. The city is full of historic and spectacular houses that you can visit during your trip. you can also see the gardens and nature, as well as visit the historic …

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Aboriginal desert residences in Iran

Introduction of the best desert residences Aboriginal desert residences are those kinds of accommodations that are really good in order to get familiar with art and culture of local people. Desert regions according to their geographical locations are just a wide plain and blue sky as far as human’s eyes can see. For those people …

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Full Introduction to Kashan’s Best Traditional Residences + Address

Ehsan Historical House

Kashan’s Best Traditional Residences Khashan with a 7500 years of civilization is still one the most beautiful cities in Iran. Kashan is one the first residence of Human on earth and it could be considered home to the Farsi language, Arian civilization and etc. Kashan has a rich history that is shaped alongside customs and …

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Fin Garden In Kashan

Fin garden Kashan

Introduction of Fin garden in Kashan Iranian gardens are considered as the best architecture examples in the world because they are a combination of history, architecture, art and nature. This uniqueness is impressive enough to be used even after passing hundred years in architecture of building new gardens and attracts all eyes. But the garden …

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The most beautiful cities in Iran

Which city is the most beautiful in Iran? We did ask a really challenging question, a question which any one might have a different answer for that! Each one of cities in Iran has its own special beauty and it’s hard to say which city is the most beautiful! Maybe it would be easier if …

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A guide to travel to Kashan

Where is Kashan? Kashan is an old and beautiful city, located on 220 kilometers to south of Tehran province. Situated between the Karkas Mountains and the central desert of Iran, it has a warm and desert climate, but in this warm and desert city you beautiful and good smelled flowers are grown that could be …

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