Introduction to top 11 cheap hotels in Isfahan

In Isfahan, you could stay at a good residence and still not pay too much. Yes! You have read correctly. In the city of Isfahan, from medium to high-end luxury hotels, all of them are well-designed and decorated, and certainly all of these hotels can provide you with good amenities, and they can make you satisfied. Satisfaction is not only in price and cost and you can choose the best cheap Isfahan hotels to stay.

In this article, we want to introduce you to 11 of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan. We want to let you know about the services and reviews of the rooms of these hotels and also their amenities and distance of the important attractions of Isfahan.

However, anyone traveling on a budget wants to manage their pockets and stay at the best hotel available. If you are heading to Isfahan and looking for a good but cheap hotel in this city then bear with us on Travital.

1- Saadi Hotel


The 1-star small Saadi hotel was established on 1945 and it was renovated on 2007. This residence fall completely on the group of economic hotels. This hotel has only 13 rooms and it is one of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan.

In regard of the distance to Isfahan’s tourist attractions, we could say that the hotel is very well situated. For example, the distance to the city’s Bazaar is 10 minutes, to the Hasht Behesht Palace is 7 minutes, Naghshe Jahan Square is 15 minutes and to the Isfahan Shopping Center is 23 to 25 minutes.

In Saadi Hotel, you could easily use Internet or meet with your friends in the lobby. All rooms contain TV, bathrooms with toiletries and a clean bed.

Other amenities of Isfahan Saadi Hotel

From other amenities of the Saadi Hotel, we could name the following:

  • Taxi
  • Restaurant with capacity of 65 person
  • Room Service
  • Air conditioning system
  • Newspaper

Address: No. 54, Between Chahar Bagh Street and Shams Abadi Street, Abbas abad Street, Isfahan

2- The 2 Star Homam Hotel


One of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan that we would like to introduce to you today is the Homam 2-Star Hotel. The Homam Hotel was built in 1371 but was renovated last year and a number of new facilities was added to its list of amenities.

Geographically speaking, this hotel is located on the top floor of the Sofe Terminal and since it has good access to places such as Isfahan office district, shopping malls, city’s university or many other places, it is a very affordable and good option for those traveling to Isfahan for study or work.

The Homam Hotel has 20 rooms in 2 floors and its rooms are fitted with as much as amenities as it was possible. Rooms are available with 1 to 5 beds. All rooms have TV and Air conditioning systems.

Other Amenities of Isfahan Homam Hotel

From other amenities available in the hotel, we could name the following:

  • Internet access in the lobby
  • Praying room
  • Fire Alarm System
  • ATM
  • Parking
  • Ramp for disabled guests
  • Luggage room
  • Safe deposit box

Address: Upper Floor of the Sofe Terminal, Hezar Jarib Street, Darvazeh Shiraz Isfahan, Iran

3- Kaveh Hotel, a 2 Star Hotel in Isfahan


One of the other best hotels in Isfahan which is 2 star is the Kaveh Hotel. Like Homam Hotel, this hotel is also located in one of Isfahan Terminals but this time in the north of the city.

This hotel was established in 1362 and it was completely renovated in 1392. This hotel has 3 floors and 27 rooms.

Other Amenities of the Isfahan Kaveh Hotel

From other amenities of this hotel we could name:

  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • Lobby
  • 24 Hour taxi service
  • Breakfast room
  • Internet access throughout the hotel
  • Ironing, Laundry and washing facilities

Address: Inside the City’s North Terminal, Kaveh Street, Isfahan, Iran

4- Jam Firouzeh Hotel, a 3 Star Hotel


One of the other best cheap hotels in Isfahan which is categorized as good cheap resorts in the city is Jam Firozeh Hotel. This hotel was established in 1395. Since Jam Firozeh Hotel has good access to the historical and appealing places of the Isfahan and also has good variety of amenities and especially good and trained staff, it will give its guests a memorable stay and also a cheap one.

Jam Firozeh Hotel has 2 floors and 15 rooms which most of them do not have a window. These rooms which are usually 2 bed, 3 bed or 4 bed suites have amenities such as private toilet and bath, air conditioner system, room service and many more facilities and more importantly polite staff. All these will definitely ensure a good and memorable stay for the guests.

Other Amenities of the Jam Firoozeh Hotel:

From other amenities of the hotel we could name the following:

  • Praying Room
  • Taxi Service
  • Laundry
  • Currency Exchange
  • Coffee Shop
  • First aid kit
  • Restricted Internet in the Lobby
  • LCD TV in the lobby

Address: Corner of Naghshe Jahan Square, Saadi Alley, Ostandari Street, Isfahan, Iran

5- Isfahan Jolfa Hotel, a 3 Star hotel


In this part the list we will introduce one of the old hotels in the city, the Jolfa Hotel. This hotel which is built in the proximity of the Vank Church, was established in 1354 and it was renovated in 1396. The biggest advantage of this hotel is its proximity to the historical and famous attractions of the city.

The Jofa Hotel, has 3 floors and 64 rooms in total that their capacity starts from 1 bed to 4 beds.

Other amenities of the Isfahan Jolfa Hotel:

From other facilities that are accessible to the guests we could name the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Praying room
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Lobby
  • stores and shops

Address: Jolfa Alley, Khaghani Junction, Hakim Nezami Street, Isfahan, Iran

6- Isfahan Saba Hotel, a 2 Star Hotel

Saba Hotel Isfahan

The 2-Star Saba Hotel is among the newly built hotels in Isfahan which were built to give a good service to its guests in 1388. This hotel was built in 4 floors and it has a total 22 number of rooms which include a total of 60 beds. This hotel is one the best cheap hotels in Isfahan.

Among the advantages of this hotel are its experienced and trained staff who work to provide all the facilities to meet guests’ expectations. Of course, the hotel’s good and convenient access to many of Isfahan’s historic attractions cannot be overlooked.

From the amenities of the rooms we could name the following: TV, Balcony, Daily housekeeping, toiletries, private bath, Movie streaming service among many others.

Other amenities of the Isfahan Saba Hotel

From other facilities of the hotel we could mention the following:

  • Parking with capacity of 15 cars
  • Air conditioner system
  • Lobby
  • Tour services
  • Coffee Shop
  • Safe deposit box
  • 24 hours reception
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Currency exchange shop

Address: Shahid Banky Alley, Towards Shohada Sqaure, Chahar Takhty, Isfahan, Iran

7- Negin Jey Hotel, a 2-star hotel

negin jey isfahan hotel

Another of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan that we would like to introduce to you is Isfahan Negin 2-Star Hotel. Officially opened in the east of Isfahan in year 1384, the hotel was renovated in year 1396, not long after it was opened.

The Hotel’s building has 3 floors and it contains a total of 20 rooms and suites. There is a large lounge with the capacity of 1200 persons in the hotel which has been dedicated to the hotel’s Self Service restaurant. This lounge could be used for various events.

Negin Jey Hotel’s other amenities:

From other amenities of the hotel we could name the following:

  • Lobby
  • Travel agency
  • Tour services
  • Praying room
  • Picture studio
  • Taxi Service
  • special formalities
  • Newspaper
  • Parking
  • Free Internet in the lobby
  • Laundry
  • Emergency stairs

Address: After Shahid Rajaei Junction, Jey Street, Ahmad Abad Square, Isfahan, Iran

8- Aftab Hotel, a 2 Star Hotel

Aftab Hotel Isfahan

One of the most newly built hotels which falls to the category of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan is the Aftab Hotel. Aftab Hotel is one of the most modern yet clean hotels of Isfahan. Although with only 2 Stars, its facilities are very acceptable.

The hotel’s building has 4 floors and contains 23 rooms in total. The rooms of this hotel are quite large and spacious and have city view. One of the main features of this hotel is its complete breakfast which is free for the guests. In its rooms there are furniture and free Internet. Distance between hotel and the city’s attractions are 10 to 20 minutes.

Other Amenities of the Isfahan Aftab Hotel

From other amenities of the hotel we could name the following:

  • Praying room
  • First aid kit
  • LCD TV in the lobby
  • Elevator
  • Taxi service
  • Luggage room
  • Photocopy machine

Address: Shabnam Alley, Azadi Street, Ayatollah Ghaffari Street, Isfahan, Iran

9- Isfahan Tootia Hotel, a 2 Star Hotel

Tootia Hotel Isfahan

The Tootia Hotel is also among the best cheap hotels in Isfahan. Although it was built in 1382 as a 2-star hotel, it was renovated in 1394 like many Isfahan hotels. This hotel is located in the city center and hence it has easy access to many of the city attractions. Isfahan Tootia Hotel is built in 2 floors and it contains 36 rooms.

From the room facilities we could name Air conditioner system, a good and comfortable bed, stationery, TV, Toiletries and breakfast in the room.

Other amenities of the Isfahan Tootia Hotel

From other amenities of the hotel we could name the following:

  • Freight services
  • Air conditioner system
  • Praying room
  • Housekeeping services
  • Luggage room
  • Free Internet in the Lobby

Address: Between Takhti Junction and Tabib Three Way, Masjed Seyed Street, Isfahan, Iran

10- Setareh Hotel, a 4 Star Hotel

Setareh Hotel Isfahan

We are close to the end of the best 11 cheap hotels in Isfahan, and we are about to introduce one of the most beautiful hotels in this list, the Isfahan Setareh Hotel. This hotel is located in Naghshe Jahan square and its indoor and outdoor architecture is a combination of the traditional and modern styles.

The hotel is built in 3 floors and it contains 52 rooms. The rooms have daily housekeeping services, furniture, toiletries, TV, closet, safe deposit box and free Internet.

Other amenities of the Isfahan Setareh Hotel

From other amenities of the hotel, we could name the following:

  • Luggage room
  • Alarm system
  • Traditional tea house
  • Internet Cafe
  • Emergency stairs
  • Coffee shop
  • Tour services

Address: Hafez Street, Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran

11- Isfahan Iran Hotel, a 4 star hotel

Iran Hotel Isfahan

Iran Hotel is one the oldest hotels in Isfahan which was built in 1348. This hotel is one the best cheap hotels in the city. This 3-storey, 298-room hotel is ready to provide full accommodations to Isfahan travelers. Since located in the city center, this hotel has an easy access Isfahan’s attractive sites.

Other amenities of the Isfahan Iran Hotel

From other amenities of the hotel, we could name the following:

  • Elevator
  • LED TV in the lobby
  • Newspaper
  • Safe deposit box
  • Free Internet in the lobby

Address: No. 26, Sepahan Alley, Chahar Bagh Abbasi Street, Isfahan, Iran

Last Word

We presented to you 11 of the best economic hotels in the city according to the latest categories of the year, with an overview of their services and facilities. Now it is your choice to choose a good hotel from this list to stay for a good and economic trip to Isfahan.

In the end if you have an experience staying in one of these hotels, please feel free to let us know about your stay. Plus, if you need to book a hotel in Isfahan, you can make reservation with us by checking out the list of hotels or just simply send us an email.

Shiraz Grand Hotel, the best 5-star hotel in Iranian city of poetry and literature

Shiraz is a famous Iranian city whose beauties are spoken by the whole world. Thousands travel annually to the historic city of Shiraz, and the Shiraz Grand Hotel is one of the most popular choices for staying in this city.

Shiraz Grand Hotel is well known for providing comfortable amenities to accommodate passengers as well as being close to one of the attractions of the city of Shiraz (Quran Gate). In this article we intend to fully discuss the booking of Shiraz Grand Hotel, perhaps your choice for staying in the historic city of Shiraz would be the Shiraz Grand Hotel. So keep up with us.

Grand Hotel Shiraz

The Grand Hotel Shiraz has very stylish rooms and standard beds and there is a unique harmony of light and color in the rooms and hallways of this hotel. This 5-star, ship-like hotel near the Quran gate provides a beautiful view to its guests, especially when you are dining at the hotel’s rotating restaurant, where you can enjoy a view of the city of Shiraz.

Standard and modern lounges along with the professional staff at the Shiraz Grand Hotel all promise the perfect accommodation just like European hotels. This hotel is one of the most popular resorts in the city of Shiraz and its main reason may be its location near the Quran Gate at the entrance of the city.

Important Information about the Shiraz Grand Hotel

  • Check-in time: 14:00
  • check-out time: 12:00
  • No. of rooms: 158
  • Distance to city center: 10 minutes
  • Distance to airport:  20 minutes
  • Telephone number:  +987125917070
  • Hotel’s address:  Next to the Quran gate, Shiraz, Iran

Grand Hotel Shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel’s Services

All the rooms of the Shiraz Grand Hotel are equipped with tea maker and tea, hair dryer in the bathroom, telephone, air conditioner system, Internet access, TV channels and a safe deposit box. These amenities are only part of the amenities available to travelers at the Grand Hotel Shiraz.

The hotel has 2 separate sports complexes for ladies and gentlemen, and each one has a pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Gym. The swimming pool at the Grand Hotel Shiraz has a unique architecture and, because of its position in a building with semicircular glass walls, offers a spectacular view of the city of Shiraz from the hills next to the Quran Gate.

The Shiraz Grand Hotel has several restaurants and lounges equipped with the most up-to-date and modern amenities that you can use for dining or partying. The best restaurant in this hotel is its rotating restaurant with 360-degree view of Shiraz.

For building the most parts of the Grand Hotel Shiraz, beautiful and hewn stones has been used and it serves its guests on the 14 floors. The hotel has a collection of different rooms and suites. You should keep in mind that 6% VAT is already included on your bills and your final payment will be the same.

Grand Hotel Shiraz

Getting acquainted with all types of Shiraz Grand Hotel rooms

Double Room

All rooms of the Shiraz Grand Hotel have full facilities. Double rooms include a comfortable double bed, a bathroom, a shower, a toilet, a hairdryer and a make-up desk. All rooms at the Shiraz Grand Hotel come with a safe, tea maker, LED TV and free internet.

Twin 2 Bed room

One of other types of rooms in the 5 Star Shiraz Grand Hotel is Twin 2 bed rooms. These rooms have 2 comfortable single beds. In these rooms there also exists amenities such as toilet, shower, hair dryer and make-up desk. All of the rooms in Shiraz Grand Hotel include safe, tea maker, LED TV and free internet.

Connected Room

There are other rooms called Connected Rooms at the Shiraz Grand Hotel, which include two separate rooms but with only one exit door. Both rooms have separate bathrooms and two rooms are connected by a door in the middle. These rooms are more suitable for a family of four, with the parents and kids rooms separated. Two rooms could be connected by the door in the middle.

Shiraz Grand Hotel’s amenities

  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Restaurant
  • Traditional Restaurant
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi
  • Tennis Room, Billiard Room, Gym
  • Medical Services
  • Internet Cafe
  • Barber Shop
  • Conference Room
  • Shopping Center
  • Grass Court
  • Laundry
  • Satellite TV
  • Taxi
  • Wifi
  • Private Parking
  • Library
  • ATM

Reserving rules for Shiraz Grand Hotel

  • Using amenities such as breakfast, Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym and Rock Climbing are free of charge
  • The final and definitive booking of Shiraz Grand Hotel is possible only after full payment and all guests must make a payment after registering their reservation and receiving the confirmation for their booking. Note that otherwise, the hotel reservation is temporary and the room will not be reserved for you.

Grand Hotel Shiraz

Now that you are acquainted with one of the best 5 star hotels in Shiraz, it is up to you to decide which hotel you want to book and stay in this historic city. Here you can find other hotels in Shiraz. If you have had the experience of staying in this hotel, let us and other audiences know about your stay. Thanks in advance for your sense of cooperation.

Top 10 Hotels In Gheshm

Gheshm (or Qeshm) is from those kinds of destinations which lots of people would like to get introduced with its native people life. As this island has a very nice and hospital people, though the guests are always most welcome to their houses, However there are lots of good residences in this island and we can introduce you some of them as best ones.

Get introduced with top 10 hotels in Gheshm

We are going to introduce you top 10 best hotels in this island and investigate the services and entertainment facilities, rooms, accesses and the sights of the city. So stay with us in Travital and you will be able to choose best resident in Gheshm at the end.

Khalij-e Fars Hotel – Qeshm

Khalij-e Fars Hotel, One of the bests in Gheshm

It is one of the best hotels in Gheshm which has different climate for being so close to the beach. Having lots of entertainment facilities is one of the features this hotel has; such as tennis tables, billiard salons, ping pong area and salons and lots of other entertainments. However, the most important reason which makes this hotel the most famous one, is that you only need to have some step and find yourself in beautiful beach. We will mention some of the services of this hotel and remember if you are going to travel to this island you can book your hotel right here in Travital.

Game room, water sports facilities, special beach, coffee shop, reception forum, LED TV in lobby, restaurant and boat riding.

Tell: +987635344330

Address: Elmo Sanat Square, Gheshm

Fulton Residential Complex – Qeshm

Fulton Boutique Hotel, The most luxury resident in Gheshm

One of the most different and special hotels which its name is in list of the best hotels in Gheshm. It was established in 2015 and today works as one of the best in this island. It is divided to 3 different buildings; villa, hotel and apartment. The rooms are very clean and equipped and has every necessary thing that guests need it. Fulton Residential Complex is located in Hamoon pool so the distance to most of the attractions is only about 10 minutes. The services are included;

Conference hall, newspaper, suitcase room, sauna, safe box, parking, restaurant and car rental institute

Tell: +987635344265

Address: After Hamoon camp, Khalij-e Fars highway, Gheshm

Sahel Talaei Hotel (Golden Beach) - Gheshm

Golden Beach (Sahel Talaei) Hotel, with suitable price

In 15 kilometers to Gheshm, golden beach hotel is located which it’s name is between the best ones in Gheshm. This hotel accommodate 24 hours booking service and has many entertainment services aside different residential rooms,suits and villas as well. Each of these residents has special separated parking. Here are some services;

Special beach, restaurant, water sports facilities, internet in lobby, game park for children, swimming pool, jet ski, canopy

Tell: +987635342900

Address: Opposite the Shah Shahid shrine, the beach road, Gheshm


geo park hotel qeshm

Geopark Hotel, a clean and renovate hotel in Gheshm

The distance with beach is very short and some of the rooms even open to the beach view. People who have reside in this hotel always have complemented the nice behavior of staff and good services of hotel. It has easy access to Portuguese castle and Gheshm bazaar. The services of this hotel:

Safe box, restaurant, refrigerator, internet, coffee shop, laundry, separate W.C, fire alarm system

Address: Next to Meraj building, before the Zakeri wharf, Gheshm


Apadana Hotel in Qeshm

Apadana hotel, an experienced residence

This 3-stars hotel with floors has a great restaurant in a happy atmosphere and services are given, are complete and perfect. Here are some services of Apadana hotel:

Internet in lobby, refrigerator, restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, separate W.C, taxi service, air conditioner, TV

Address: Next to Dr Mohammadi clinic, Valiasr street, Gheshm

Aram Hotel in Qeshm

Aram hotel, one of the best hotels in Qeshm Island

This hotel has established in 2006 and reconstructed in 2018. It is in 4 floors and 23 rooms. The rooms are good and comfortable and easy access to shopping centers is one the interesting futures of this hotel. The services are included:

Suitcase room, restaurant, prayer room, air conditioner, internet in lobby, first aid box, laundry and taxi services

Address: Rezvan alley, before Pardis intersection,Valiasr boulevard, Gheshm

Irman Hotel Qeshm

Irman boutique hotel, a hotel with mixed modern and tradition architecture

This hotel is very famous  because of it’s modern and traditional interior. It is in 5 floors with 2 or 3-room suites. All the rooms in this hotel are equipped with double plus a single bed and gives you a sense of being at home. The distance to most of the sights and attractions and shopping centers is only about 4 to 6 minutes. Some of the services in this hotel are;

Safe box, IPTV, coffee shop, internet in lobby


Address: The corner of Payam street, Pazhohesh street, Nakhle Zarrin, Gheshm

Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

IRMAN Boutique Hotel is ready to welcome its beloved tourists and guests with a professional and experienced team. This hotel is the first boutique hotel in Qeshm with beautiful and unique design in its traditional yet modern style.There is only a four-minute walking distance between the hotel and the most important and largest Qeshm commercial areas, such as City Center One and Two, Star, Pardis, and Ferdowsi complexes.Irman hotel, offers 38 dreamy rooms in 5 floors with various types ...

from: US$ 75.00/nightBook NowRead More

Arta Hotel Qeshm Iran

Arta Hotel, a very luxury and beautiful hotel

It is one of the other good and qualified hotels in Gheshm. It established in 2018 in a building with 7 floors and 48 rooms. There are different beautiful rooms and suits in this hotel with lots of services and easy access to Persian Gulf beach. The hotel is located near the Star Mall and city centers and you will be able to go for shopping whenever you want. Some of the services are included;

Parking, fire alarm system, dresser, heating and cooling system, safe box, internet in lobby, air conditioner, restaurant


Address: Next to Bandare Bahman wharf, Imam Gholi Khan Square, Gheshm

Eram, yet another good hotel in the Island

A luxury and renovated 4-stars hotel in Gheshm which has built in 2015 in 5 floors with 96 rooms in different classes. This hotel has many different facilities and the staff behavior is also very nice and respectful. Here are some services of this hotel:

Safe box, hygiene tools, internet in room, separate bathroom, tea maker, heating and cooling system

Tell: +987635229080

Address: Opposite the Shilat, Azadegan boulevard, Gheshm

Singo Hotel Qeshm

Singo hotel,best hotel in guests view

One of other good 3-stars hotels which is equipped with 64 great rooms. One of the features of this hotel that make it to a favorite choice of tourists is that its located exactly in center of Dargahan provides short little distance between you and Persian Gulf beaches and best shopping centers. The services of this good hotel;

Hygiene tools, study desk, heating and cooling system, separate bath, room service, air conditioner, internet in room and dresser

Tell: +987635274245

Address: Second floor, Darya Mall, Dargahan, Gheshm


In this article we introduced you top 10 hotels in Qeshm and hope you will have an appropriate choice in your trip. Have you ever had the experience of staying in one of these hotels? share it in a comment here with us please. Meanwhile you are able to book any hotel or tour here in Travital and even read about sights and attractions of Iran.

Isfahan Safir Hotel, a Hotel near Naghsh e Jahan Square

Did you know that before France, it was in Isfahan that a boulevard was designed and built? The Chahar Bagh street was a place for walking and moving Carriages. Today, the city of half the world has become one of the main tourist attractions of Iran. For this reason, residence places and multi star hotels have become a necessity for this city. The Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the best residence places in the city. With famous Zayandeh Rood River and the people singing on the arcs of the Khaju Bridge, all tourists have a good memory of this city.

It was for a while that we were planning for a journey to Iran’s appealing destinations and finally we chose Isfahan. Me and all of my friends agreed that on our 3 day trip, we should choose a hotel close to Isfahan’s appealing sites. Hence finally we decided to stay at the Isfahan Safir Hotel. Here is what we found during our stay at the Safir Hotel.

In this article, we explore all the amenities of the hotel. If you keep up with us until the end of this article, you will also know about the reason me and my friends chose this hotel for our stay.

Isfahan Safir Hotel
Isfahan Safir Hotel

City of Isfahan, Cultural Capital of the world

City of gardens and buildings in the middle of the garden which cover the historical buildings. Cheerful, cool and fun atmosphere to walk around and free up some thought! Wouldn’t it be better to spend part of the trip sitting next to the large dock of Hasht Behesht garden? Finally you could walk towards the Naghsh e Jahan Square to visit Isfahan’s historical appeals. If you stay at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you could easily walk to these places in 5 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you could find yourself in Mosque and School of Chahar Bagh, Hasht Behesht, Chehel Sotoun and Naghsh E Jahan Square.

By staying at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you would have an easy access to other parts of the city as well. Have you ever asked yourself that why the number of arches in Siosepol is 33 and not another number? This bridge was built by Muslims to connect them to the Armenians on the other side of the river.

Si-o-Seh Pol - Isfahan
Si-o-Seh Pol – Isfahan


The history of the Isfahan Safir Hotel in the city center

Not long after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the eight-year war with Iraq, reconstruction began. Over these years, preparation for encouraging visits to famous Iranian cities started. The Isfahan Safir Hotel was built in accordance with the city redevelopment program. This hotel was built in Amadegah street on 1371 in 5 floors. Fortunately, on 1390 this hotel was refurbished and a more clean and beautiful atmosphere was created, specially in the rooms.

In the 4 star Isfahan Safir Hotel, there exists 100 rooms with a variety of beds for the guest choice. Hence, you could easily find what you are after. Perhaps one of the reasons for this hotel’s popularity is its proximity to the Abbasi Monumnet which is nowadays the contemporary Abbasi hotel. Although Isfahan’s 4 star hotels are numerous, choosing a hotel close to the attractions is a sensible choice.

Introduction to the rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

There are 100 rooms in the hotel which contain a total of 300 beds. The beds of this hotel accommodate adults and kids in complete comfort. Kids below the age of 2 could reside free of charge. Kids between 2 to 7 are charged with half price. This is while the cost of an adult’s night stay at the 4-star Safir Hotel is very reasonable. On certain days of the year, discounts up to 50% are applied to the price of stay.

Apart from the cost of staying in such a 5-star hotel, room facilities are also important. In each room, there exists double bed, large single bed and sometimes both of them. The type of the room is based on the type of beds and the number of people who can stay in it. The hotel room types are as follows:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Suite
  • Apartment

As the number of people in the room increases, prices decrease per person per night. This means that if you’re looking for affordable room rates, go for triple or double rooms. Single-bed rooms, while more comfortable and easy to roam in, will cost more to stay. The price of a hotel room depends also on the size of the room. Suites and apartments, for example, cost more than other rooms. But the facilities in all these rooms are the same.


Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel
Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Facilities Inside the Rooms of 4 Star Hotel

There is a free breakfast for all the rooms in the hotel. You will see the breakfast package on the amenities section. All the toilets inside the rooms are Western-Style Toilets. This has helped the rooms to be more clean. You can also find an Iranian-Style (Square) Toilet on each floor. Some of the rooms, like suites have a bathtub and others have only a shower.

If you want a room with bathtub, please make sure to emphasize this while you are booking. Inside the bathroom you can find all the necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and clean towels. Hence it would not be necessary to bring shampoo and soap in your luggage. If you need a hairdryer, you can find one in the bathroom. Hence, you could cross it out from the list of travel essentials.

Inside the rooms, you will find a work desk with chair, comfortable furniture, bed with clean and soft sheets and a makeup desk. In the wardrobe, you could hang your clothes so that they won’t wrinkle. In each room, there exists a cooling and heating chiller style air conditioning system. There is also a flat-screen TV, a small fridge and tea making facilities for relaxation. But the hotel’s Wi-Fi Internet is another feature you’ll enjoy. The speed of the Internet in the rooms is fast enough to take a look at your social networks.

Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel
Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel’s welfare and recreational amenities

In each floor of this hotel, there is a leisure attraction. The Swimming Pool of the Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the most popular facilities in the hotel which is available for an extra cost. Have a stay at Sauna and Jacuzzi with an atmosphere similar to Iranian and Turkish Bath. If you like to continue your daily exercise, the hotel’s gym is at your disposal. This gym is fully equipped with workout amenities and has a good atmosphere for exercise. Room Service and the reception are 24 hours open and accessible. Hence, if you would like you could order a coffee and speak to your roommate until morning and be awake.

There is free Internet in the lobby and in other public areas such as restaurant. One of the benefits of this 4-star hotel is the ability to accommodate guests and tourists who are on wheelchairs. On the first floor, you will find shops selling Isfahan handicrafts and confections. You will also find unique Iranian carpets in this shop.

Safir Hotel's Lobby
Safir Hotel’s Lobby

The luxurious hotel lounge is perfect for conferences and even weddings. This is especially attractive to foreign tourists that would enjoy watching the Iranian wedding ceremony from close. The conference room located on the fifth floor can accommodate up to 150 people. Parking at the hotel is public, and you could read about other services of the 4-star Isfahan Safir Hotel below.

  • Fax and Photocopy
  • Emergency Stairs and Elevator
  • Luggage Room
  • Reception Bell
  • ATM
  • Coffee Shop
  • Praying Room in Lobby
  • Taxi Service
  • Shop and Store
  • Restaurant
  • TV and Furniture in Lobby
  • Airport Transfer with Extra Charging
  • Supermarket Outside of the Hotel
  • Currency Exchange Shop
  • Shoe Polish Machine
  • Car Rental Without Driver

Introduction to Safir Hotel’s Restaurant

On the topmost floor of the hotel, you could find the restaurant. An all glass space that has a view of the city . In this restaurant, all Iranian Food, International Food, Fast Food, Vegetarian, sea food and local cuisine are available according to menu. If you’re tired of looking at the menu screen, go for the buffet. Fill your plate with your own favorite food.

The coffee shop is in the lobby and the restaurant is on the top floor. The lobby’s glass elevator takes you to the upper floors of the hotel. The hotel’s breakfast menu is complete and is a combination of hot and cold breakfasts. Drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and milk are available depending on your choice. Hot breakfast include Eggs and Omelets, Halim and Lentils. The cold breakfast menu is also full of good choices.

Safir Hotel's Restaurant
Safir Hotel’s Restaurant

Distance to Isfahan’s appealing sites from the Safir Hotel

Most of the Isfahan’s appealing sites are close to the Safir Hotel. This reason was convincing enough for me and my friends to choose to stay at this hotel. The distance from the hotel to the city center is only 2 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you can find yourself near most of the Isfahan’s appealing sites such as:

It is worth mentioning that in Naghsh-e Jahan Square, not only you could visit Isfahan’s historical buildings like Emam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, but also you could walk in the Bazaar and enjoy seeing local indoor shops. This part of the city is full of  famous restaurants and coffee shops. Don’t miss the chance to eat lunch in one of these restaurants.

From the airport to the hotel is 20 minutes with taxi. Railroad Station is farther and has a 30 minutes ride to the hotel. Bus terminals are closer to the hotel. for example the Seffe Terminal is 15 minutes far from the hotel and you could easily take a taxi to the terminal.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Isfahan Safir Hotel, Address and Telephone No.

As you read, reserving room for the Safir Hotel could be done online. You only need to go to the hotel’s official website and book a room. For easier access we have provided you below with the hotel’s address and telephone number:

Hotel’s Address: Amadgah or Madani street, Opposite the Abbasi Hotel

Hotel’s Telephone No. 031-32222640

Hotel’s website:


Frequently Asked Questions

Does all the Safir Hotel’s rooms come with free breakfast?

Yes, no matter which room you reserve, all rooms come with complementary breakfast.

Is it possible to arrive at the hotel’s entrance with private car?

Isfahan Safir Hotel is located in the center of the city and hence it is located inside the traffic restriction area of the city. Cars with even and odd license plates could go the city center on even and odd days respectively from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. On hours other than mentioned, you could bring your private vehicle to the proximity of hotel’s entrance. Please note that the public parking near the hotel only accepts entrance until 12:00 am.

Opinions about the Safir Hotel has been divided. based on your preference, you could like some special amenities of this hotel. If you have ever stayed at the 4-star Safir Hotel or any other hotel in Isfahan, feel free to write a comment for us. Write to us about the accommodation experiences and amenities of Isfahan Safir Hotel and be a guide for others.

Different and Unique Hotels in Iran

Searching for a vacation experience like no other? Book your self into one among these four extraordinary accommodations.
If you wish to expertise a special and thrilling vacation spot, we suggest staying in one among these unusual lodges in Iran.

One night stay between rocks

Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Hotel is 5 stars hotel that situated in East Azerbaijan Province. Kandovan village is dating back to the seventh century AH.

To be able to stay in a luxurious historic tourist attraction with unusual structure,  beyond imagination with mountainous weather conditions and country – house among the many natural rocks within the mountains.

It’s the third rocky hotel in the world with mountainous  nature view that situated in historic village Kandovan and also 40 km away from Tabriz. The primary and most essential  feature is the silence and calmness of the hotel which provides a very good time for relaxation. You will breathe mountain fresh air during your stay. There are a range of benefits to getting fresh air. Here are 6 reasons why you should spend at least one night in the Laleh Kandovan Hotel to improve your wellbeing:

1) Fresh air is good for your digestive system.
2) It helps improve blood pressure and heart rate.
3) It makes you happier.
4) It strengthens your immune system.
5) It cleans your lungs.
6) Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind.

As you understand the hotel constructed in rock, so going there for the people who can’t walk is Not really helpful. However the rest of the guests can use the hotel.

I might suggest that you just stay at this rocky hotel during your journey to Kandovan for at the least one evening and take advantage of the hotel’s distinctive area and location.

You can book Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Resort at Travital

Under the desert sky

Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel

Earlier the Kapari houses were a sign of poverty, However what do you feel if you’re being offered right now to sleep one evening under the desert sky?  It will be fascinating for us to experience a little bit of our previous lives.

Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel in Kerman, is  the first and the only Kapari hotel on the planet.

One of the most attractive resorts that every traveler needs to stay in. Although the hotel has fully traditional structure, it has all of the requirements of a modern hotel. Unlike other buildings, this lodge has no environmental air pollution and is environmentally friendly. By staying in this hotel, you may experience a unique style of travel and get to know the life-style of the people in that area where you are greeted as family, not as a stranger or a tourist.

You can book Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel at Travital

Experience Custom and Comfort

Laleh Bistoon Hotel

If you get the chance of staying right next to one of the most important World Heritage Sites in the world, Do you miss this opportunity?

Laleh Bistoon Hotel located in Bistoon area and allows you to see the view of Mount Bistoon by opening its windows.  Stay in this hotel will help make your trip to remember and may give you a great feeling of the ancient history of Iran. It is for the dedicated, the true explorers with an urge to find a home where there is heart and purpose.

Unobstructed views of the Persian Gulf

Toranj Hotel Kish

There are humans and there are animals. We are all results of evolution and the origin of species. When you stay in the underwater room you will become one with the surrounding ocean. You will experience the fascinating shifting lights of the water and subject to the curiosity of the fishy inhabitants of another dimension.

Overwater hotels all over the world have their own fans. Your experience can be more pleasant if you eat a fresh seafood in roofless restaurant and sea view, you may see fishes under your feet. It is Iran’s first and only Marine hotel . Toranj Hotel in Kish Island that constructed on the sky-blue water of the Persian Gulf can make your dream come true. Every suite has a balcony where you may sit and see probably the most stunning ocean and listen to the sounds of waves.

5 Luxury Hotels in Iran

 Watching life under the sea

Toranj Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the country It is a great place to stay on Kish Island , It is Iran’s first and only Marine hotel and it has two sight (sea and beach). It is located in the northwest of the island. It has royal suite with glasses windows, from which you can watch sea, aquatic plants and fishes. All of the suites of the hotel are aligned in such a way that the paisley  pattern( botejeghe), the original Iranian design, is displayed. It is interesting to know that all parts of the hotel are connected by Wooden pier. You can book Toranj Hotel now at Travital to enjoy your vacation on the waves of the Persian Gulf.

Stay in the style of the Princes of Qajar and Safavid

The Abbasi hotel is always known as one of the most expensive hotels in Iran. The Abbasi Hotel was built about 300 years ago in Isfahan. Since in the past it use as  caravanserai, We can count it as one of the oldest guesthouse in the world. Abbasi hotel has 225 rooms, some of them have unique features; The most special are the Qajar and Safavid suites Which is decorated with the architectural style of these historical periods. You can book Abbasi Hotel online! The most beautiful international Middle East!

Collection of comfort and convenience

Turkey’s Kaya Hotels Complex is well known for over 30 years. Hotel Kaya is located in the northwest of Tabriz city and near to Laleh Park Shopping Center. This hotel is not just a residence it has 126 stores that are representatives of international brands. Hotel Laleh Park has other facilities, it has one of the best restaurants in Tabriz,that serves you the best  Iranian and foreign foods with the most delicious flavors. Now you can book Kaya Laleh Park Hotel online for your next holiday!

Stay in Royal Hotel near the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)

Darvishi Royal Hotel in Mashhad is built in 25 floors. With its unique architecture, it is considered one of the tallest hotels in Iran. The hotel is just 1.4 km away from the holy place, you can walk for 10 minute to get to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. Darvishi Hotel is the only eastern Atrium Hotel in Iran. In order to bring a comfortable and pleasant stay, the hotel provides the branch of restaurants: Atrium  restaurant, Roof Garden Restaurant, Berkeh Traditional Teahouse, Arghavan Restaurant, Firoozeh fast food , Spa coffee shop and so on. You can enjoy your vacation while tasting delicious and local food.

We have special deals for booking Darvishi Hotel!

Luxury and Comfort  Accommodation

The five star Espinas Palace Hotel is stylish and the largest hotel in Tehran, with a modern and unique architecture. The Palace is a fantastic alternative to conventional hotel accommodation both for the corporate guest and discerning city visitor. The boutique-style rooms and suites are fabulously equipped and friendly staff will attend to your every need, giving you complete privacy,when you need it and the comforts to which you are accustomed. Espinas Palace café offers a wide selection of drinks, light refreshments and dining options for up to 70 diners. You can absorb beauty, learn about peace and tranquility, indulge in music and discover melodies in the sleek and stylish lobby and take your choice from a superb à la carte menu or tempting daily specials. If you would like to know about the hotel’s prices and book Espinas Palace online you can reserve at Travital

Most Expensive Hotels in Iran

For many of us, planning a vacation involves scrimping and saving in order to manage just a few days traveling in a foreign country. We work all year long to afford those fleeting moments of pure bliss while watching the sunset, or enjoying the new and delicious cuisines offered by other cultures.

There are two kinds of people – those who wonder why anyone would visit Iran, and those who have been there and rave about it. Some people however don’t live in a world where saving for a five-star trip is a necessity.

Here are some of the Iran’s most expensive hotels:

Esteghlal Hotel – Tehran

1. Esteghlal Hotel – Tehran

Five star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel owned by Parsian chain hotels with 70,000 square meter of space is located in bagh-e-shahr area . Esteghlal hotel is not only the biggest hotel from chain hotels of Parsian , but it’s also one of the best hotels of Parsian Islamic republic of Iran. West tower and east tower were build in 1341 and 1351. Different types of restaurant , conference halls, sport clubs, swimming pool, gym and shopping, there are part of the services that our hotel ...

from: US$ 77.50/nightBook NowRead More
Malek al-Tojjar Hotel – Yazd

6. Malek al-Tojjar Hotel – Yazd

Malek-o-tojjar Antique Hotel is an ancient mansion once belonged to a guy named Haj Ali Askarshirazi, one of the well known business men whose title "malek al tojjar" was bestowed by Naser al din shah, a king of the Qajar dynasty, due to his trustworthy. His descendants of four generations lived in this house.A narrow alley enjoying high walls is the entrance. Various rooms of the building have unique characteristics each adorned with paintings on the walls and ceilings by prominent ...

from: US$ 39.65/nightBook NowRead More
Espinas Hotel – Tehran

7. Espinas Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Hotel has 224 tastefully decorated guest rooms including luxurious suites. Modern room facilities such as Wi-Fi high speed internet and LCD TVs with satellites access. State of the art air conditioning and ventilation systems. Glamorous halls for all types of events, gathering and conventions. Continental Breakfast Buffet and International cuisine presented by any of our three restaurants offering the best service in food and drink. Complete and modern Fitness Center ...

from: US$ 106.96/nightBook NowRead More