Aboriginal desert residences in Iran

Introduction of the best desert residences Aboriginal desert residences are those kinds of accommodations that are really good in order to get familiar with art and culture of local people. Desert regions according to their geographical locations are just a wide plain and blue sky as far as human’s eyes can see. For those people …

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Introduction to beautiful deserts of Iran


Some people with the cold season approaching may clear the intention of traveling from their minds but it would be interesting to know that there are wonderful areas that are suitable to travel only on cold seasons. These regions are the deserts that have covered a large part of our country. You can either take …

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Karakal Desert in Yazd

Karakal Desert

Karakal Desert in Yazd, the habitat of black cats The desert is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in autumn, so there are many tourism tours in this area and they’re very popular. There are so many desert destinations that you can visit, such as; sand dunes, salt lakes, starry sky and all …

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Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman


Where is the warmest spot on earth? For sure this question may have come to your mind for several times, this region of course placed in Kerman province in Iran. It’s the region that it’s remembered as a place for exciting entertainments like; safari, desert tour, camel ridding and scientific research. Shahdad Kaloots , the …

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