Naiband Village in Tabas

Introduction of Naiband village in Tabas

Tabas is one of the cities in Iran that have very special and spectacular attractions in desert area of Iran in west of South Khorasan. It is interesting to know that this city used to be a part of Yazd province, which joined the South Khorasan province in 2012. The city has a desert climate and the city’s rich coal mines indicate the presence of forests and large lakes in past old years. These mines make Tabas one of the richest regions in the country in terms of national wealth. In this article of Travital, we want to talk about Naiband village in Tabas. Naiband is located in a group of stepped villages of Iran and you can see many historical and spectacular buildings in it. Follow us to provide more information about Naiband village in Tabas.

As we mentioned above Naiband village is located in Tabas which is located on a mountain slope against the Loot desert in south of Tabas city and the closest distance to Deyhuk city. A village in heart of the desert that you can’t believe when you enter it, here is a desert. Wheat and barley fields, beautiful groves and orange gardens have created a beautiful appearance in pristine landscapes. Naiband village in Tabas is one of the stepped villages of the country and has the title of desert Masouleh. The village looks like a green island in the middle of the desert and has an amazing view. The Naiband village in Tabas archaism returns to the early centuries of Islamic periods. Of course this subjet is based on the existence of holes and caves in heart of the mountains.

The best season to visit Naiband village

In order to travel to Naiband village in Tabas, the best time can be autumn and winter. You can also travel to it in early spring, because this area, as mentioned above, has desert conditions and is very hot. Therefore, make sure to bring items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat with you.

The Tissue of Naiband village in Tabas

The architecture of Naiband village in Tabas is stepped and the roof of each house is the other house’s yard. One of the most important features of this village is that its structure is organic which means that the formation of the village neighborhoods and its texture do not follow a very specific order. You might be wondering why these houses are built on a small mountain! The reason of that is the lack of destruction of the mountain during the earthquake. An interesting point that you can see in Naiband village in Tabas is that there is a significant separation between the farms and gardens of this village and residential houses. In the lower part of the village there are gardens and residential houses on top of the mountain. The houses are stepped on a mountain slope with narrow maze alleys.

The architecture of houses in Naiband

Most of the houses you see have two floors and they look like the cube-shaped volumes. They seemed to be arranged irregularly on top of each other. The materials used in houses of Naiband village in Tabas are made of clay and mud, due to the use of dark sands in these areas and the houses are seen in gray. In this village, the situation is a bit different from other areas. One of the differences is the two floors toilets in the village, the sewage is stored on the first floor and people can use the second floor.

High usage of triangular congresses in facades and walls of buildings is one of the unique features of this village. Most of these congresses are in eastern and southern parts and are in fact a special form of windbreak. These windbreaks are built in direction of winds in village and act as a filter against the winds along with the sand. Thick clay walls with the least amount of holes reduce the use of natural day light in the desert area and reduce the heat exchanging among the buildings. The walls of rooms and houses of Naiband village in Tabas have interesting shapes and very spectacular geometric order which is a good subject for photographers.

Residents of Nayband village in Tabas

According to the 2006 census in the village of Naiband in Tabas, there are about 145 families and 484 people living in the village of Naiband. Citrus fruits, palms, berries and a variety of crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables and legumes are cultivated and some are engaged in animal husbandry. In recent years, due to the natural factors that have occurred in this village, the population of the village has decreased but when you go to it, you will see the color and smell of life.

Possible entertainment in Naiband village in Tabas

When you enter the Naiband village in Tabas, you will surly ask what to do, so in the following we will mention some suitable activities with the conditions of this village.

Excursion in the village

You can walk through the narrow busy alleys of the village and learn more about the houses and the place.


As you move away from the village you can explore the deserts and explore the mountains at the end of the path.

Watching the sky

You can also watch the sky at nights which is full of stars.

Visiting the caves

You can also visit the caves in the heart of the mountains of this village, which date back to thousands of years ago.

Water fountains

The unique hot and cold fountains in Naiband are the reason of existing life in this village and as a result the ground activities have been created.

Access to Naiband village in Tabas

To reach this village you should take the Tabas-Kerman road. After crossing Dehuk and Zanoghan, your distance to Naiband village is about 105 km.


Address: the side of Tabas-Kerman road, the 225th kilometers of south of Tabas city, south Khorasan province

Distance from surrounding cities

Tabas: 225 km

Dehuk: 134 km

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