Introduction of 11 best 4-star hotels in Isfahan

The most visited historic city in Iran is the half world city, the Isfahan. 123000 foreign tourists have visited this city only in 2017 and after that the number of foreign visitors has increased up recently. Having the list of best 4-star hotels in Isfahan is one of the essential factors for travelling to Iran then.

Isfahan is a very big city and in fact the third metropolis of Iran which has many different hotels with various prices and facilities that may make you confused, and for that we have prepare a list of best 4-stars in Isfahan.

After reading this article you will be able to have a easier choice and you’ll get familiar with hotels qualities and services and also their address and location.

1- Safir hotel, one of the best 4-stars in Isfahan

If you’re looking for a 4-star hotel in Charbagh Street, check for Safir hotel then. This hotel has been rebuilt in 2016 with 6 floors and 100 rooms. Profit location and easy access to the sights of the city like Ali Qapu Square, puts it at the top of hotels in Isfahan.

Hotel swimming pool with buffet and Jacuzzi and an attractive waterfall in pool, is not the only entertaining complex of this hotel. Old and traditional bath which is known as Turkish bath among the foreign tourists is available as well. There is a coffee shop and a great restaurant with a perfect breakfast bar every morning. You can taste the best Iranian food in this restaurant and Coffee shop welcomes the guests sitting in lobby.

Facilities and features of Safir hotel

Special services like a half day free city tour against booking 4 nights staying.

Free internet and free parking

Safir hotel address: Oposite the Abbasi hotel, Amadgah Street, Charbagh Abbasi, Isfahan

2- Kaveh hotel, Near to air port

Have you come to Isfahan for a business trip? Are you looking for a hotel close to airport? Kaveh hotel is appropriate for you then. Don’t judge this hotel from plain exterior of the building. Free breakfast is considered for guests. Experienced and nice staff have caused previous guests fully satisfy the services. Depending on the time of booking you can get good discounts on room rates.

Kaveh hotel

Address: inside the Kaveh terminal, Kaveh St, Isfahan

3- Tootia hotel with room discount

One of the advantages of this hotel is the discounts for booking rooms that it gives to guests in every season of year. Therefore Tootia hotel is not an expensive hotel and even cheaper than any other 4-star hotel in Isfahan.

Garden area designing in front of hotel invites you inside the hotel. Stone facades, ceramic flooring and great lightening are some of attractions inside the hotel. All of facilities in hotel can be compared with the great location and access of that. 10 minutes walking to Qeysaria bazaar and 20 minutes walking to Naqsh e Jahan Square make you don’t need to take any taxi and pay extra money at all and you will be able to reach yourself to bazaar at any time during the day.

Tootia hotel

Address: between Tayyeb and Takhti intersections, Masjed e seyyed street, Isfahan

4- Zohreh hotel, one of the most beautiful one

All areas in lobby has been tiled or glassed and you’ll see a combination of modern and traditional architecture inside the hotel. The building has 10 floors with 51 rooms and 164 beds. The parking would be free  of charge for you to use. Free internet with limited bulk is one of the features of this luxury hotel as well.

Zohreh hotel restaurant has a traditional design and you can taste best Iranian and Isfahan food with a good quality. This restaurant is also a good place for citizens.

Zohreh hotel

Zohreh hotel address: opposite the Behesht confectionary, Ferdosi St, Ferdosi Bridge, Isfahan

5- Espadana hotel with Siosepol view

It’s one of the hotels near to Charbagh and Zafar Street. Don’t lose the hotel breakfast. Locating next to the Zayandehrud and having a roof on top usable for guests, is its special feature. A place which show you view of Siosehpol. The exterior and hotel entrance door are designed beautifully and for locating in allay, hotel privacy is maintained as well.

The restaurant and separated coffee shop, each one serves the most delicious and yummy meals for guests. Such as different sea food, Iranian food and desserts like cakes, ice cream and different drinks at coffee shop.

Espadana hotel

Address: Between Ferdosi and Siosepol Bridges, Ayineh Khaneh blvd, Isfahan

6- Venus hotel with traditional interior

Do you want free breakfast? Do you want a little walking to see Naqsh e Jahan square?  Venus hotel has all these features. It is near to Charbagh Street with 11 minutes walking to Ali Qapu Mansion. The building has 5 floors which in there are restaurant, coffee shop, lobby and 58 rooms with traditional decoration. You can offer best Iranian food in its restaurant on ground floor which is decorated with traditional mirroring walls and ceiling.

Venues hotel

Venus hotel address: Opposite Abbasi hotel, Amadgah St, Isfahan

7- Aseman hotel with revolving restaurant

Having the only revolving restaurant in the city is one of the most important advantages for this hotel. This hotel is located in one of the best locations near the Zayanderud. Its building in 13 floors lets the guests to have a great view of the river. It’s also next to one of river side parks which in there would be lots of entertaining and tourism amenities. The breakfast menu in Aseman hotel is prepared with different warm and cold breakfast that is very  suitable and economic for you.

Special facilities in this hotel;

93 rooms and 186 beds in whole, locating out of traffic plane, restaurant with 100 persons capacity, free internet and parking, swimming pool

Aseman hotel

Address: Opposite Felezi bridge, Shahid Motahari St, Isfahan

8- Piroozy hotel one of the old ones in Isfahan

Piroozy hotel was established in 1976 with Daryoosh name which has been remained in list of best 4-stars up to now. The coffee shop menu is ready for reception with different types of coffees, cakes and ice creams. Some of rooms have a small kitchen but don’t lose using great restaurant and coffee shop in the hotel. It’s located in down town and you are very close to historic attractions.

Piroozy hotel

Address: The beginning of Charbagh St, Imam Hosein Square, Isfahan

9- Ali Qapu hotel, the most favorite hotel in Isfahan

Charbagh down street is known as the downtown. The historic paved street which on there’s no car. There for this hotel has free transferring from the nearest street to the hotel. This way is quite suitable for walking in historic region of the city. This hotel’s rooms have economic prices and you’re able to book your room with free breakfast. This hotel has got its name from Ali Qapu Mansion from Safavid dynasty.

It’s also a 4-star hotel with a great restaurant. This restaurant has prepared different types of Iranian and Italian food for more than 90 persons every day. The coffee shop in this hotel is open until 10 p.m. and is ready to welcome the guests.

Ali Qapu hotel

Address: Charbagh Abbasi St, kualalumpur St, Shams Abadi St, Isfahan

10- Khaju hotel, very close to Khaju bridge

It’s a building with 6 floors and 114 rooms which has put in list of best 4-star hotels in Isfahan. It’s located near the Khaju bridge and the best ice cream shop is near this 4-star hotel as well. You’ll have an easy access to public transport and taxi in order to go to attractions. This hotel also is counted as one of the most economic hotels in Isfahan. The breakfast is free and so perfect and the restaurant welcomes the guests very well.

Khaju hotel

Address: Shohaday e Khaju St, near the Khaju bridge, Isfahan

11- Avin hotel, one of the newest hotels

This is one of the newest and modern hotels in Isfahan. The economic prices for each room, will give everybody this chance to have the ability of booking that. You can also use the great gym in this hotel and keep yourself fit during the journey.

Avin hotel

Address: Opposite the Noor allay, Hatef St, near the Naqsh e Jahan square, Isfahan

Which 4-star hotels have swimming pool?

Safir hotel is equipped with professional complex of pool, Jacuzzi and even Turkish bath. Aseman hotel which is the first 4-star hotel in the city is equipped with pool complex as well.

Safir hotel

Which hotel has the shortest distance to Nash e Jahan square?

Avin hotel is considered as the nearest hotel to Nash e Jahan square.

Nash e Jahan square

It’s up to you now to choose your suitable accommodation and you’re able to book it right now here in Travital website. Don’t forget to share your experience of staying at any of these hotels with us please.

Thank you for reading.

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