Introducing the best luxury and 5 star hotels in Tehran

Tehran is undoubtedly Iran’s busiest and most bustling city. Numerous tourist attractions, great amenities, high quality medical centers, diverse markets and shopping centers and business reasons are the main reasons for tourists to travel to Tehran. For the welfare of the tourists of the capital, a variety of hotels operate in Tehran that the Tehranians themselves may not be familiar with. If you are planning to stay in Tehran’s most luxurious hotels then go along with us on this article that introduces you to the top 5 of them and lets you have the best choice for your trip.

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espinas palace hotel tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Tehran

The Espinas Palace Hotel currently boasts the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Tehran and it can be seen from all parts of the northwest of the capital. This 5 star hotel started operating on 1394 in Saadat Abad neighborhood of Tehran. This hotel is built in 21 floors with 400 rooms and suites. The building and its facilities are so magnificent that people have chosen the nickname Palace for Epinas Palace hotel. From features and facilities of the rooms, we could name the following :

  • Comfortable Beds
  • Towels
  • Shower and toilets
  • LCD TVs
  • tea and coffee maker
  • safe box
  • free newspaper
  • Desk
  • High speed wireless internet
  • 24 Hour room service

Please note that smoking in the hotel rooms is prohibited and you will have to pay a fine of 12.000.000 IRRs if you smoke. If you want to smoke in the room, please notify the reception on your checking in so that they will admit you to a smoking room. In the following table, we have listed the different luxurious rooms of this hotel.

Room                                   Bed                                           Area                              View

Standard Double               2 persons Double bed          35sqm                          City or Mountain

Standard Twin                   2 single beds                          35sqm                           City or Mountain

Family Royal                      Large Double bed                 45sqm                            Mountain

Balcony Family Royal       Large Double Bed                 50sqm                            Mountain

Junior Suite                        Large Double Bed                  55sqm                            City or Mountain

Presidential Suite               Large Double Bed                  200sqm                        City or Mountain

  • Espinas Palace Hotel’s Official Website:
  • Espinas Palace Hotel’s Telephone: +982175675
  • Espinas Palace Hotel’s Address: No.21, 33rd Street, Abedi Street, Behrood Square, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran

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Espinas Palace Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel is a grand family residence situated in the northwest of Tehran. The Palace is a fantastic alternative to conventional hotel accommodation both for the corporate guest and discerning city visitor. The boutique-style rooms and suites are fabulously equipped and friendly staff will attend to your every need, giving you complete privacy,when you need it and the comforts to which you are accustomed. Espinas Palace café offers a wide selection of drinks, light refreshments ...

from: US$ 156.34/nightBook NowRead More


wisteria hotel

Wisteria Hotel: the most palatial hotel in Tehran

The Wisteria hotel was established in 1396 in collaboration with Canada and is newer than the Espinas Palace hotel. Wisteria is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tehran which is located in the north of Tehran. It has 19 floors from which 9 of them are below the ground. This 5 star hotel contains 100 room and suites including Wisteria Suite, Presidential Suite, Double and Twin rooms and King room. All of these rooms and suites are fully equipped with different amenities. The hotel facilities include:

  • Refrigerator
  • TV
  • Pool
  • Suite
  • Restaurant
  • Internet
  • Toilet
  • Parking
  • Praying Room
  • Lobby
  • Coffee Shop
  • Telephone in the room

This hotel started operating in 2019 and Its interior design uses a neoclassical and Canadian style. This hotel has 3 good restaurants, 24 hour Coffee Shop and health facilities for all guests. It is possible to hold various work celebrations and family ceremonies in its luxurious lounges. The Ferdowsi Garden and the Iranian Cinema Museum are the most spectacular attractions close to the hotel.

  • Wisteria hotel’s official websites:
  • Wisteria hotel’s Telephone Number: +9821476233
  • Wisteria hotel’s Address: No.1 Ahmadi Zamani Street, Dardand , Tajrish, Tehran, Iran


Parsian Azadi Hotel: one of the bests in Tehran

If you ask the older people about the most luxurious hotel in Tehran, they will probably answer the Ex-Hyatt hotel. This hotel has been under surveillance by Parsian Inc since the year 1370. Parsian Azadi Hotel has a rich background and it has kept its quality and has been established its name as one the most luxurious hotels in Tehran. Many high profile international guests still choose this hotel for their stay in Tehran. 475 rooms of this hotel are located in 26 floors and like other luxury hotels in Tehran, some have views of the Alborz Mountains and others the streets of Tehran. Below, we have listed some of the amenities of this hotel:

  • Internet
  • Refrigerator
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Toilet
  • TV

Hotel rooms have been equipped with safe deposit box, desk, fire alarm system, free water, mini bar, lampshade, tea maker, room service and air-conditioning service. Please keep in mind that also in this luxurious hotel, you should notify the reception to give you a smoking room so that you will not get into trouble afterwards.

Parsian Azadi Hotel uses BMS’s integrated energy-saving system and is Iran’s first environmentally friendly hotel and green hotel.

  • Parsian Azadi Hotel’s Website:
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel’s Telephone Number: +982129112
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel’s Address: Yadegare Emam Junction, Shahid Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran.

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Parsian Azadi Hotel – Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel – Tehran

The purpose of Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel from the beginning has been rendering 5-star services to those guests who wish to experience such services and take benefit from the traditional Iranian guest respecting. Therefore, upon you decide to be our guest, you will be placed for 5-star position for us and this hotel shall take benefit from its total capacities to achieve your satisfaction. We are proud that after renovation, we have hosted famous figures such as Ban-Ki Moon, Kufi Annan, ...

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espinas persian gulf hotel

Espinas Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in Tehran

Espinas Palace is not the only Espinas Hotel that is on the list of the most luxurious hotels in Tehran. Its older branch on Keshavarz Boulevard is also one of the capital’s good hotels. This branch of Espinas Hotel is called Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel and it started operating on 1388. The design of the building is inspired by a combination of modern architectural elements and rich natural themes. The mandak restaurant, 126 Boulevard restaurant and atrium coffee shop are very good options for eating in this hotel.

Due to its location in the center of Tehran, the hotel has a good access to public transport and recreational and historical sites of the city. Please note that the hotel is within the scope of the traffic plan (There are restrictions on using private car in the center of Tehran). The hotel services include:

  • Pool
  • Traditional tea house
  • Ticket buying services
  • Massage
  • Gym
  • VIP Services
  • Barber shop
  • Luggage room
  • Fire alarm system

If interested, there is a transfer services to Imam Khomeini International Airport, however there is an extra charge for that. Smoking is restricted to floors 3 to 6 of the building.

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Espinas Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Hotel has 224 tastefully decorated guest rooms including luxurious suites. Modern room facilities such as Wi-Fi high speed internet and LCD TVs with satellites access. State of the art air conditioning and ventilation systems. Glamorous halls for all types of events, gathering and conventions. Continental Breakfast Buffet and International cuisine presented by any of our three restaurants offering the best service in food and drink. Complete and modern Fitness Center ...

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Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, one of the oldest luxurious hotels in Tehran

The five-star Esteghlal Hotel, formerly known as Royal Hilton, began operating in 1341 and is now among the Parsian hotels. Located in the north of the capital, the hotel has 552 rooms and suites with full facilities, including 261 in the West Tower and 291 in the East Tower. Its Noor hall which can accommodate up to 1000 people, is a good choice for different events.

2 restaurants, 4 coffee shops, luxury and expensive shops, large parking, laundry service, luggage storage, a free safe deposit box, a suit shop are among amenities offered by the Parsian Esteghlal hotel.

Its rooms feature a TV, minibar, tea maker, soft pillow, shower, balcony, city or mountain view, high-speed internet, safe deposit box, 24-hour CCTV and 24-hour Room service.

  • Parsian Esteghlal hotel’s official website:
  • Parsian Esteghlal hotel’s telephone number: +982122660011
  • Parsian Esteghlal hotel’s address: Junction of Shahid Chamran highway and Valiasr street, Tehran, Iran.

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Esteghlal Hotel – Tehran

Esteghlal Hotel – Tehran

Five star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel owned by Parsian chain hotels with 70,000 square meter of space is located in bagh-e-shahr area . Esteghlal hotel is not only the biggest hotel from chain hotels of Parsian , but it’s also one of the best hotels of Parsian Islamic republic of Iran. West tower and east tower were build in 1341 and 1351. Different types of restaurant , conference halls, sport clubs, swimming pool, gym and shopping, there are part of the services that our hotel ...

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Which one is the most expensive hotel in Tehran?

The prices of the hotels vary depending on the room you choose, but if you want to compare their cheapest rooms we have to say that Espinas Palace Hotel and Wisteria Hotel are the most expensive.

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Is food free in 5 star hotels in Tehran?

Most rooms in Tehran’s 5 star hotels only include a complimentary breakfast, but depending on the room you book, you may also be served several meals.

Last word

In this article we introduced five of Tehran’s most luxurious hotels with their services and facilities. these hotels are among the most expensive hotels in the capital and even in Iran. If you have an experience staying in rooms, going to hotel lounges or restaurants of these hotels, please feel free to share it with us and other readers of the magazine in the comments section.

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