Get Introduced To Best Hotels In Tabriz

Introduction of 10 Best Hotels In Tabriz Which Make You Amazed

We had the first modern hotel of Iran in Tabriz which was opened in 1906 on Shariati street. In tourist’s opinion Tabriz has the best climate and tourist attractions. Therefore it’s not surprising if people have expect the best quality and services in hotels in this city.

You will find many of first things in the biggest city in western north of Iran. The attractions which have made the capital of eastern Azerbaijan to one of the most important tourist centers. The residence is a necessary option for traveling to this city which Travital will introduce you some of the best ones in this essay.

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz Park, Best in tourists view

This is the best hotel in guests view which accommodate good services and has a very suitable price compared with others. This new hotel has opened in 2015 and not only has 8 elevators and 220 rooms but a pool with beautiful fonts and a green park. The interior of rooms are warm and classic with a suitable lighting. A good situation for shopping is also provided as the hotel is located next to the Laleh park shopping center.

Kaya Laleh park hotel address:Next to Laleh park shopping center, after Fahmideh square, Pasdaran street, Tabriz

Elgoli Pars Hotel, One of the Superior

In list of the best hotels in Tabriz , this one may get the first place. A 5-star hotel with all the facilities between a park and a square.This hotel is one of pars collection in Iran and has a special location in Tabriz. If you ask which hotel is the best in Tabriz and what services does it have, you better to know about this hotel different facilities in Travital website. The 17 floors building is located next to the park and most of it’s 180 rooms have the park and Elgoli lake view. You can see all the features of a 5-star hotel here. From swimming pool and Jacuzzi to great conferences and ceremonies salons.

Address: Elgoli park, the special hotel road, Elgoli boulevard,Tabriz

Shahriar International hotel with modern residential facilities

Is the entertainment facilities your first priority? The international Shahriar hotel would be the first name in your list of best hotels.In this hotel there are 10 full floors modern entertainment facilities. From cover up swimming pool to 3 sauna and Jacuzzi that make your body relax. The restaurant with a buffet which gets decorated every day, has provided a luxury residence and you will feel the comfort and prosperity in the rooms.

The conferences and meeting salons are chosen for the best ceremonies. Meanwhile you will have the easy access to Tabriz grand bazaar ,airport and exhibition. All the facilities which make this hotel to an appropriate place for business guests.

International Shahriar hotel address: After Kaboli bridge, the beginning of Elgoli, Tabriz

Esteghbal hotel, In the most historic region of the city

Do you enjoy walking in old and expensive neighborhoods of Tabriz? Choose your room in Esteghbal hotel in Tabriz. This apartment hotel is located in old Sorkhab neighborhood. Most of the sights of this city have located around you. The historic houses of Tabriz are close to Esteghbal hotel. More over green and open area of that and the open top restaurant where is a place for having a perfect meal. The guests acquiescence have always been 4-star rate and very well. Offer the various and free breakfast and then go to see the sights.

Esteghbal hotel address: Shahriyar street, Sheshgalan street, Tabriz

Gostaresh; one of the tallest buildings in the city

It was built about 50 years a go by foreign engineers and today has changed to one of the best hotels in Tabriz. You will have 150 rooms with great facilities of 4-star hotels to choose;do you choose the view of Tabriz from thirteenth floor or the big size of the room? The features and services can simply put the name of the hotel in the list of top 4-star hotels in Tabriz. The guest acquiescence from services and facilities of the hotel has been very high. The hotel has also;

A big salon for conferences, 3 restaurants for breakfast and other meals, pool and Jacuzzi, coffee shop and a modern wedding forum.

Gostaresh hotel address: Abresan intersection, Tabriz

Azadi hotel with free cinema ticket

If you’re looking for a hotel with easy access to all the attractions enter the Azadi hotel then. The tourists who reside in this hotel, are allowed to watch daily movies of Iran in hotel’s cinema for free. The BRT buses have station near the hotel which make easy accessibility to all spots of the city. You even can take a taxi to destination of Kandovan village from the hotel. It has 43 rooms in 4 floors with double beds. This 3-star hotel is decorated with some paintings from Iran area which is very interesting for tourists.

Azadi hotel address: Between intersections Bagh e Golestan and Shariati ,Imam Khomeini street,Tabriz


Resident in tents around the lake in Jahangardi (tourism) hotel

In Elgoli park you will find one of the best hotels in the city. It is located in the park nearby the lake. You only need to open your room window to get the fresh air into the room. Resident in nomads tents is one of absorbing features of this hotel.

Although it has 2 suits with double bedrooms but imagining the night resident in season tents nearby the lake has another pleasure. Pay attention these tents get out of booking only in cold snowy days. All the necessary facilities for resident and camping are provided in these red tents.

The tourism hotel address: Against the main parking,the eastern south of the pool in Elgoli park,Tabriz

The international hotel of Tabriz, One of the luxury ones

We suggest the guests who enter the cold city of Tabriz, the 4-star international hotel.This hotel has even forum and restaurant in open area. The easy access to all needed facilities of the guests and you can go for walking and excursion whenever you tend. It’s enough to get out of the building and you will enter to one of the most famous street of the city. You can either go to Javaher or Nasim mall in order to buy souvenirs from Tabriz.

The grand bazaar of Tabriz also has a good access to taxi services in city. All the 132 rooms guests are able to use free WiFi and some other services.

International hotel address:Next to Panahi alley and Nasim mall,Imam Khomeini street,Daneshgah square,Tabriz

Sahand hotel, the cheapest hotel in Tabriz

Now we’ve come for a top 2-star hotel in Tabriz.Here is one of the best apartment hotels in Tabriz in 3 floors and 28 rooms. Therefore you should book your room as soon as possible because the little distance to the city center,only 5 minutes has turn this hotel to one of people favorite. Online reserve is the fastest and easiest way for choosing room which you can book here in Travital.

This hotel has single and double bed rooms. The more beds in rooms the cheaper price of the room. Arab guests and English language guests will reside in this hotel easily. The bus station is also located near to the hotel.

Sahand hotel address: opposite the main door of Mosala,between Ferdosi and Taleghani junction, Imam street, Tabriz

Caspian Hotel, Near to Tabriz attractions

This hotel has a good location if you travel to this city for spectacular attractions. It has 4 floors and 20 rooms and the services of a 3-star hotel. The staff’s behavior is very nice and they’ll do all the necessary things for you to have reception. You are very close to Maghbarato-Shoara and Ghajar museum only 10 minutes. The rooms have comfortable beds but each one is triple.The restaurant has the most delicious food of Tabriz in it’s menu.

Address: No3 ,opposite the Moallem house, after Mansour bridge, Beheshti street, Tabriz

There are other good hotels in Tabriz which you can check and book here.

After introducing of these best hotels in Tabriz you can easily book your favorite one in Travital and we appreciate if you leave your comments and ideas here for us.




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