Dizin ski resort, a place for the best snow recreations

I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the world Dizin I remember the winter and ski resort of course it’s not my mind’s or yours fault because Dizin is from those regions in Tehran that you should probably take ski tools and go for skiing. Dizin which is popular for its famous international ski run is actually one of the most beautiful white covered regions in Iran. Today in this article of Travital we’re going to check this place from every side of it. So stay with us to the end.

Dizin ski resort

Where is Dizin ski resort exactly?

Or it’s better to ask, where is Dizin at first? Dizin is a place in Karaj city, Alborz province where is one of the most important ski resort in the middle east which turned this place to a popular place in the world. This resort is placed in distance of 74 kilometers to Karaj city. If we want to tell you more accurate, it’s located on 123 kilometers of Tehran-Chalus Road.

Therefore if you’re going to get there we suggest you the Tehran-Chalus Road as it’s the easiest and most straight way. If you enter the road from right you should enter the Velayatrud after Gachsar hotel in order to get to the Dizin sky resort.

Dizin ski resort is one of those places that prove you shouldn’t wait for spring and summer to have fun but it’s possible to be in autumn and winter and enjoy or be happy.

Dizin ski resort

If you get away from Tehran only several kilometers you can’t get back any more. You can take the path to Dizin and get to some where white covered which for us, town residents who in best situation can see, fewer than one hand’s fingers snow in town, can be a very delightful place.

If the path of Shemshak-Dizin would be opened the way is half but most of the time it’s close because of the heavy snow falling on the road. So we introduce you the second and more functional path. You should take the Babaie Highway and then northern Lashkarak and turn to Fasham in Qushak dilemma.

Dizin ski resort

The entertainments in Dizin Resort

Although there are several ski resorts around the Tehran but this resort has a special place in heart of people who love skiing. This resort was established in 40 decades AH but it is still confirmed by world ski federation.

Dizin resort has now 23 different runs, which one of its advantages is that the amateur runs are divided from professional runs, because the steep of professionals are a bit more and it’s dangerous for amateurs. The other merits of this resort is the grass run which is suitable for summer, therefore no one is going to get board in summer.

This resort is placed in west north of management room and south of chaman Restaurant with 650 meters length that performs many matches annually. Snow Park and U run is also placed above the Chaman Restaurant in this complex.

Dizin ski resort

Two chairlifts take you to the mountain and their different with cable cars as they don’t have any cabin and has only a chair with a protector. Tehran’s Dizin has also 4 cable cars named; Shaleh, Gholleh, Darreh and Chaman.

At the same time of beginning the country matches, another group come to there in order to watch the snow board or Chaman matches. Most of them will fall in love with skiing at first time. For that case there’s also a ski school in this resort, in this school snowboarding and alpine is taught as well.

Snowboarding needs only a flat wood but alpine or ski with tow hand woods and two boards is more expensive than snowboarding. Remember this from us, in this resort it’s not enough to just play with snow, for instance you can get to the summit with cable cars in height of 430 meters.

You can also go up with Darreh cable car next to management room, this cable car can go up more even to 510 meters heights.

Dizin ski resort

Chaman cable car also starts from Chaman Restaurant and goes up to 380 meters heights. People with more courage use chairlifts in order to get to the mountains. There are very beautiful scenes in there, like spectacular slopes of Alborz Mountain that takes half the day to visit all spot of that.

You can do even biking, kite riding, paragliding and archery. Some people also come for climbing to Dizin, they walk from Dizin to the Sichal summit and get to Ahar in return way. The best time for going to Dizin would be December and may.

Please note that the petrol station has only 18 kilometers distance to there you don’t need to be worry about it. If something happened to you and you needed emergency services, there’s also a ready ambulance parked in Dizin and gives you medical services.

Dizin ski resort

You can do many things in Dizin resort such as; skiing, biking, climbing and etc. there are either 5 different restaurants in Dizin that after lots of practicing and playing you can go there in order to have a great meal and rest.

Shaleh restaurant in 2900 meters heights and haman Restaurant is placed on 2600 meters heights in the mountains. As many people think it’s very expensive to get to Dizin resort you must know it costs 100 to 150 thousand Tomans to enter the ski resort.

Of course if this amount is high for you, you can get there on weekdays to get cheaper services. Any way it’s not the only price you must pay as you should pay for ski equipment as well and that makes you to pay even more. All these costs have made to consider it as not just a one day entertainment, but an expensive trip.

However you don’t necessary need to have your own personal hand wood and you can rent them in there as well, some people even take tubes to manage the costs.

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