Different and Unique Hotels in Iran

Searching for a vacation experience like no other? Book your self into one among these four extraordinary accommodations.
If you wish to expertise a special and thrilling vacation spot, we suggest staying in one among these unusual lodges in Iran.

One night stay between rocks

Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Hotel is 5 stars hotel that situated in East Azerbaijan Province. Kandovan village is dating back to the seventh century AH.

To be able to stay in a luxurious historic tourist attraction with unusual structure,  beyond imagination with mountainous weather conditions and country – house among the many natural rocks within the mountains.

It’s the third rocky hotel in the world with mountainous  nature view that situated in historic village Kandovan and also 40 km away from Tabriz. The primary and most essential  feature is the silence and calmness of the hotel which provides a very good time for relaxation. You will breathe mountain fresh air during your stay. There are a range of benefits to getting fresh air. Here are 6 reasons why you should spend at least one night in the Laleh Kandovan Hotel to improve your wellbeing:

1) Fresh air is good for your digestive system.
2) It helps improve blood pressure and heart rate.
3) It makes you happier.
4) It strengthens your immune system.
5) It cleans your lungs.
6) Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind.

As you understand the hotel constructed in rock, so going there for the people who can’t walk is Not really helpful. However the rest of the guests can use the hotel.

I might suggest that you just stay at this rocky hotel during your journey to Kandovan for at the least one evening and take advantage of the hotel’s distinctive area and location.

You can book Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Resort at Travital

Under the desert sky

Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel

Earlier the Kapari houses were a sign of poverty, However what do you feel if you’re being offered right now to sleep one evening under the desert sky?  It will be fascinating for us to experience a little bit of our previous lives.

Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel in Kerman, is  the first and the only Kapari hotel on the planet.

One of the most attractive resorts that every traveler needs to stay in. Although the hotel has fully traditional structure, it has all of the requirements of a modern hotel. Unlike other buildings, this lodge has no environmental air pollution and is environmentally friendly. By staying in this hotel, you may experience a unique style of travel and get to know the life-style of the people in that area where you are greeted as family, not as a stranger or a tourist.

You can book Ghale Ganj Kapari (Hut) Hotel at Travital

Experience Custom and Comfort

Laleh Bistoon Hotel

If you get the chance of staying right next to one of the most important World Heritage Sites in the world, Do you miss this opportunity?

Laleh Bistoon Hotel located in Bistoon area and allows you to see the view of Mount Bistoon by opening its windows.  Stay in this hotel will help make your trip to remember and may give you a great feeling of the ancient history of Iran. It is for the dedicated, the true explorers with an urge to find a home where there is heart and purpose.

Unobstructed views of the Persian Gulf

Toranj Hotel Kish

There are humans and there are animals. We are all results of evolution and the origin of species. When you stay in the underwater room you will become one with the surrounding ocean. You will experience the fascinating shifting lights of the water and subject to the curiosity of the fishy inhabitants of another dimension.

Overwater hotels all over the world have their own fans. Your experience can be more pleasant if you eat a fresh seafood in roofless restaurant and sea view, you may see fishes under your feet. It is Iran’s first and only Marine hotel . Toranj Hotel in Kish Island that constructed on the sky-blue water of the Persian Gulf can make your dream come true. Every suite has a balcony where you may sit and see probably the most stunning ocean and listen to the sounds of waves.

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