Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman


Where is the warmest spot on earth? For sure this question may have come to your mind for several times, this region of course placed in Kerman province in Iran. It’s the region that it’s remembered as a place for exciting entertainments like; safari, desert tour, camel ridding and scientific research. Shahdad Kaloots , the …

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Examples of world’s attractions in Iran


All world tourist attractions are gathered in Iran! It might be odd and strange to read this sentence but it’s totally a true sentence. With travelling to even some parts of Iran you’ll visit examples of top attractions of the world which many people around the world visit them in every year. For instance one …

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The best time to travel to Kish

Kish Island

Did you know the existing oxygen in air in Kish is much more than anywhere else in Iran?! This subject has reduced the pollution in the air. But when’s the best time to go there? If you are one of those people who don’t know when to go to Kish keep going up with us …

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The Hotel Voucher

What is the Voucher of hotel? If you are one of those people who travel a lot and in other words you tend to excursion, you have surly chosen different accommodations in different cities of the world. One of the common words we’ve always heard in this case is Hotel Voucher. In this article we’re …

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Ultimate Guide for traveling to Shiraz

Hafez Commemoration

Shiraz, a prestigious Iranian city that unparalleled beauty is spoken not only in Iran but around the world. This spectacular city is located in southeastern Iran, and because of its unique attractions, tourists travel to Shiraz annually from around the world to see it. With a world of different choices for travelers who want to …

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All you need to know before travelling to Iran

Iran Travel Guide

Travel to Iran doesn’t have to be difficult at all – tourism is growing as relations develop; hatred of the western world is not as rife as the media likes you to think; ancient Persia is within easy grasp, most notably in the central region where key sites has been maintained and infrastructure linking them …

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