Safa House, an eco-lodge residence

Introduction of Safa House in Kashan Kashan is the city of flowers and roses in Iran which everyone knows it with its fragrant rose scent. The city is full of historic and spectacular houses that you can visit during your trip. you can also see the gardens and nature, as well as visit the historic …

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A Travel guide to Mashhad

holly shrine

A Travel Guide to Holly Mashhad When it comes to Mashhad, most of us remember the holly shrine of Imam Reza and the pilgrimage which changes one’s mood and fills one’s being with a sense of peace. Of course, Mashhad has many other spectacular attractions that make traveling to it sweet and memorable. Every year, …

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The Best Apartment Hotels In Mashhad

Mashhad Apartment Hotel

Introduction of the best apartment hotels in Mashhad Decreasing the price to almost half,is one of the features apartment hotels in Mashhad have it. Apartment hotels are very comfortable and accommodate people who choose these residences, all the facilities of a restful house. Today we’re going to investigate some of the best apartment hotels which …

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Get Introduced with Chamran Hotel in Shiraz

Chamran Hotel

Chamran hotel, the highest hotel in Shiraz Shiraz was capital of Iran once and main destination for tourists. Today it’s not capital any more but it’s still the destination of Iranian and foreign tourists. When you’re passing the Quran gate, you see Chamran hotel by your side. Less people know Shiraz with a river in …

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7 Best Iran Luxury Hotels of 2020 (with Images & Prices)

Dariush hotel Kish

Introduction of 7 luxury hotels in Iran Luxury high-stars grand hotels can attract many tourists in any country, sometimes these hotels are considered as tourist attraction themselves. Join us in this article and we’ll introduce you some of the best luxury hotels in Iran. The luxury Darvishi hotel in Mashhad This glorious hotel in 20 …

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Traditional accommodations in Yazd

Traditional residences of Yazd When it comes to discussion of traveling to Yazd, everyone think about the beautiful and traditional houses in there. The custom buildings which have caused this city called as the first clay city in Iran. It can be said this city has sustain its traditional tissue and has remained almost intact. …

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Full Introduction to Kashan’s Best Traditional Residences + Address

Ehsan Historical House

Kashan’s Best Traditional Residences Khashan with a 7500 years of civilization is still one the most beautiful cities in Iran. Kashan is one the first residence of Human on earth and it could be considered home to the Farsi language, Arian civilization and etc. Kashan has a rich history that is shaped alongside customs and …

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Introducing the best luxury and 5 star hotels in Tehran

Tehran is undoubtedly Iran’s busiest and most bustling city. Numerous tourist attractions, great amenities, high quality medical centers, diverse markets and shopping centers and business reasons are the main reasons for tourists to travel to Tehran. For the welfare of the tourists of the capital, a variety of hotels operate in Tehran that the Tehranians …

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Introduction of the cheapest hotel in Isfahan: Homam hotel

Homam Hotel Isfahan

If you travel to Isfahan for amusement and want to have a cheap stay, go along with us and study the introduction of Homam hotel in order to get familiar with the cheapest hotel in Isfahan more. You will recognize the room facilities and get familiar with the provisions of spaces around it and most …

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Introduction Of Aseman Hotel In Isfahan

Aseman Hotel

Aseman hotel, a different experience in Isfahan In this article we’ll introduce you Aseman 4-star hotel in Isfahan and we get you familiar with various services and facilities of that. But before that you may know you can easily book your favorite accommodation in Travital and get some special discount. The history of Aseman hotel …

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