Full Introduction to Iran’s South Islands

Iran is country for any taste. Iran is a great choice for both adventure and nature travelers and for those who want to visit historical and cultural attractions. But now we want to talk about the Islands in south of Iran. It could be interesting to know that although there is only 1 island in north of Iran (Ashooradeh Island), in the south of Iran there exists near 30 islands in the Persian Gulf that are divided to 2 group: residential and non-residential. Keep up with us on Travital to introduce you to the best islands in the south of Iran.

Hengam Island

One of the most spectacular and best island in south of Iran which you should definitely visit on your trip to the south of Iran is the Hengam Island. Since this island has preserved as an indigenous atmosphere, the visitors can experience the feeling of being privately present alongside the clear waters and white sands of the area during their trips to the island.

Hengam Island
Hengam Island

Traveling to the island you can easily see the various fish and aquatic species that are swimming. Watching the crabs up close is another exciting experience you can get while on the island.

Another important fact about the Hengam Island is that you can visit this island easily when you are on your trip to Qeshm Island. This is because the two islands are close and you can hire a boat to the Hengam Island while being on Qeshm.

Best time for travel to the Hengam Island is from middle of fall to the middle of May. In this part of the year the weather is very moderate in the region. If you want to see the dolphins of this region, you should schedule your trip for December and January.


Kish Island

One of the most famous islands in the south of Iran which everybody has traveled to it or at least heard about it is the Kish Island. This island has an area of 91 square kilometers and there are ground or aerial access to it.

Kish Island
Kish Island

It is worth mentioning that apart from aerial access you could travel to the island by train too. This famous tourist area has attractive tourist attractions such as Coral Beach, Dolphin Park, Greek Ship, Ancient City, Ancient City of Harira and etc.

If you would like to shop, you could search numerous Bazaars and shopping centers on the island and buy whatever you want.


Qeshm Island

After the Kish, another famous and popular Iranian island is Qeshm. This island is one of the biggest islands in south of Iran that has an area of 1500 square kilometers. For reaching the island, you could choose the ground or aerial routes and if you would like to enjoy your way to the island, our suggestion is that you buy a train ticket so that you would explore the Iran on your way too. Apart from the natural beauty of the island, it also has numerous antiquities, waterfront resorts and shopping malls, all of which have made the island a popular tourist destination.

It would be interesting to know that Qeshm is the first Geo-Park of the middle east and has the UNESCO support.

Other notable attractions of the island are Hengam Island, Stars Valley, strait of Chahkooh and Geo Park and Hera Jungles.

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Lavan Island

After mentioning the 3 popular islands above, now it is time to introduce one of the other islands in south of Iran called Lavan Island.This Island which is among residential islands is located on 76 kilometers of Persian Gulf. The Lavan Island is also known has Sheikh Shoayb.

The temperature of the island riches 50c in summer and it is not a suitable tourist destination on this part of the year.

For going to the Lavan Island, you should first go to the Qeshm Island and from their you could reach Lavan Island by sea.

Do not forget that the facilities in the island is not much hence if you want to buy something it would be better to do it before going to the island.

For residing, There are suites at different prices and places to camp on the island.


Hormuz Island

Land of colorful soils, a place where the soil of red and sea of blue intersect. An island where it is said that it should be seen before death. From Qeshm island or Bandar Abbas (a port) you could travel to the Hormuz Island using lip or boat.

We suggest that you travel on the dawn so that you would have enough time to enjoy your trip and also you would be away from the direct sunlight during the travel. The last boat departs Hormuz Island to Bandar Abbas on 16:00 so make sure you have set your schedule on time. Also make sure you have enough food and water with yourself. There is not many residential place on this island so if you are planning to stay there at night you should camp somewhere or rent a room from residents.

The Naz Island

One of the islands of Iran which could be said that is different from other beaches in Iran is the Naz. This island has beam of glowing sand during low tide that 3 crags has come out of the water.

During low tide with the tide going low there is a narrow crag that connects the Naz Island to the Qeshm Island. Although this time is short, however the visitors could see the Lark Island from heights.

Naz Island
Naz Island

It is interesting to note that the Naz Islands are part of Qeshm World Geopark and one of the seven wonders of the island. According to many experts, the area has long been a place for fishermen to rest.

Hendorabi Island

Another island which is located between Kish and Lavan islands is Hendorabi which is situated at 30 kilometers distance from the Kish Island. The island is an ideal choice for those looking for a pristine place away from the chaos of chaotic cities.


The population of the island is 191 persons and most of them are fishermen. When you travel to this city, you can find evidences from the time Portuguese lived there in 9th Hijri century.


Larak Island

Another small island near the Hormuz Island also close to Qeshm Island is the Larak Island. On the weekends (Thursdays and Fridays) cruise liners travel from Haqqani Qeshm port to Larak, otherwise you can use the Doha Slack to reach. Please make sure you have food and water for your stay at this island.

Larak island
Larak island

We suggest you to stay at night there and enjoy seeing the spectacular beach and Phytoplanktons.

Maro Island (Shidor)

If you come all the way to the Lavan Island, you could also go to Maro island and visit this island too. This island is non-residential and you could hire a boat with 20-30 thousand Toomans from Lavan to Maro. Due to the large number of snakes in this island, it is not habitable. The Maro or Shidor Island is a habitat to many different animals and it is among protected regions in the country.

You should know that the cellphone reception is good on this island.

Maro island
Maro island

Minoo Island

Palm-Grove and dense canebrake which are among the pristine nature of the south of Iran and one of the most beautiful islands in south of Iran. Minoo Island is separated by Arvand river and Small Arvand river and the only access is through a bridge on the south of the island on the Jarf river.

Minoo Island
Minoo Island

In this island there are 5 rivers running. A trip to this island will make you familiar with native culture, traditional food, handicrafts and etc of this island’s tribe.

Abbasak Island

It is a small island in Persian Gulf which is in the proximity of the Bushehr Port. The island is a muddy area within the Bushehr Gulf, whose texture and soil are not suitable for agriculture. Visit to this island is free and you could stay there for as much as you like.

Abbasak Island
Abbasak Island

Greater Tunb

One of the other Islands in south Iran whose name is familiar with most of Iranians is the Greater Tunb. The Greater and Lesser Tunbs are two Iranian islands which are located in the eastern half and northern half of the Persian Gulf. In this island, there are high hills which are located in the northern part of the island and its south part is smooth and suitable for harbors.

For reaching this island, you should take a trip 156 kilometers from Bandar Abbas.

Siri Island

The azure beaches region of the Persian Gulf has a variety in culture, history and attractions which by having a trip there you could enjoy the complete treasure of tourism by real sense. One of the other islands in south of Iran which is a spectacular one is Siri Island. This island is also known as Seri or Soori. This beautiful island on the southeast of azure waters of Persian Gulf is located in the 30 miles distance on southwest of Bandar Abbas port.

The vegetation of this area consists of plants that have the ability to store water.

Kharg Island

After the tourist islands introduced above, now it is time to introduce Khark or Kharg island which is one of the important oil exporting ports in the Persian Gulf. Oil producing activities in this island dates back to 6 decades ago. This coral reef island has been an important island since the beginning of the sailing in the Persian Gulf.

The climate of this island considering the place it is situated is hot and humid in the summer and mild in the winter. Hence the best time for traveling to this island is end of fall and winter.

Booneh Island

One of the other residential islands which is on the list of south Iran islands. Booneh island with two other islands naming Dara and Ghabre Nakhoda is located in the far end northern part of Persian Gulf in span of Khor Mousa in Khoozestan province.

In this island, birds like crab-plover live.


Last word

We hope our Full Introduction to Iran’s South Islands have been helpful for planning your trip. Of course we always look forward to hearing from you in the comments or contact page.

Ultimate Guide for traveling to Shiraz

Shiraz, a prestigious Iranian city that unparalleled beauty is spoken not only in Iran but around the world. This spectacular city is located in southeastern Iran, and because of its unique attractions, tourists travel to Shiraz annually from around the world to see it. With a world of different choices for travelers who want to travel to this city, Travital is planning to take a tour of Shiraz’s natural and historical attractions as well as hotels and restaurants in its guide to Shiraz. Please keep up with us in our trip to Shiraz which a part of Iranian history.

Persepolis - Marvdasht
Persepolis – Marvdasht

Geographical Location of Shiraz

Geographically, the city of Shiraz is located in the south west of Iran and it is surrounded by tall mountains. Shiraz is bounded by Darak mountain in the west and in the north by Bamo, Sabz Poushan, Chehel Magham and Baba Koohi (from Zagros mountains). Shiraz’s area is 240 square kilometers and its population according to the 1395 census is 1800000.

Hafez Tomb - Shiraz
Hafez Tomb – Shiraz

Shiraz’s Climate

Shiraz has 3 different climate, mountainous, moderate and hot and dry. However in general, this city since it has an altitude of 1486 meters from sea, has a moderate climate and in most part of the year has good climate for prospective tourists. Average temperature in hottest month of the year (July) is 30c and in coldest month (January) is 5c.

shiraz weather

Best time for traveling to Shiraz

As we said, Shiraz has ideal conditions for traveling throughout the year. However, the best time for traveling to this city is in May. In May, the crowded time in Nowrooz (Iranian New Year) has passed and you will avoid the hot weather in July and August. Hence, you can explore the city in the most ideal sense and see the blooms of orange blossom and rose for whom festivals are held for watching them.

Kurosh Kabir (Cyrus the Great) Shrine - Shiraz
Kurosh Kabir (Cyrus the Great) Shrine – Shiraz

Residing in Shiraz

Since Shiraz is one the busiest cities in Iran in terms of passengers, there are a lot of hotels in the city. In Shiraz you could always choose a good hotel according to your budget and the expectations that you have, like Karimkhan Hotel. If you want to have an economic trip to Shiraz , you can stay at a cheap hotel.  In this section of the guide to Shiraz, we would introduce you best hotels which you could stay at them with prices starting from 100,000 Tomans (1,000,000 IRR). These hotels are as follows:

In the following, we will introduce you several good hotels and how to book a hotel in Shiraz.

Suggested Hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz Pars Hotel

Pars 5-star Hotel which is located in the heart of Shiraz, is one of the most luxurious hotels in south part of the country. This hotel has an easy access to city airport, Takhte Jamshid, Saadi tomb, Karimkhan complex and Hafez tomb. Parking is free for the guests. Also, kids under the age of 7 are admitted free of charge. Internet access is free for 1 hour every day. Admittance of unaccompanied women are only possible with police consent letter and presenting valid identification documents. Swimming pool is free for the guests.

Shiraz Pars Hotel
Shiraz Pars Hotel
  • Distance to the International airport with car: 15 minutes
  • Check in time: 14:00
  • Check out time: 12:00
  • Telephone: +987132332255
  • Website: www.parsinternationalhotel.com
  • Address: Pars International Hotel, Karimkhan e Zand Boulevard, Shiraz

Shiraz Jamejam Hotel Apartment

The 4 star Shiraz Jamejam Hotel is located in the city center near Bazaar, commercial centers and banks. Facilities in the hotel include coffee shop and restaurant, conference lounge, Internet, indoor parking, gym, pool and free transfer to the airport.

Shiraz Jamejam Hotel
Shiraz Jamejam Hotel
  • Distance to airport: 15 minutes with car
  • Check in time: 14:00
  • Check out time: 12:00
  • Telephone: +9871123040023
  • Address: Jamejam Hotel, Izadi Street, Roodaki Street, Zand Street, Shiraz

Roz Reyhan Hotel Apartment

The 3 star Roz (Rose) Reyhan Hotel Apartment was established on 1394 in the city center on Golestan boulevard. This 6-storey hotel has 24 apartments with good amenities and it has a good geographical location near the city’s historical attractions. The Rose Reyhan, Hotel Apartment hosts its guest a set of complete amenities such as clean and well equipped suites, parking, breakfast lounge on the ground floor with capacity of 50 people and a coffee shop in a cozy space on second floor with capacity for 50 people. With these facilities the hotel is ready to host travelers to the city of poetry and literature. Internet is not free. kids less than 3 years old are admitted free of charge. Extra mattresses are available. Admittance of unaccompanied women are only possible with police consent letter and presenting valid identification documents.

Shiraz Roz Reyhan Hotel
Shiraz Roz Reyhan Hotel
  • Telephone: +987137328881
  • Address: On the corner of day to day store, Golestan Boulevard, Adabiat Junction

Dining in Shiraz

Delicious foods of Shiraz, seduces the tourists who travel to the city to test them.
On average it will cost 30,000 Tomans for each person to dine in Shiraz. This figure will obviously increase for more people. Fast food prices will begin from 15,000 Tomans and will vary according to the restaurant you choose.

Launch Dish in Shiraz
Launch Dish in Shiraz

Suggested Restaurants in Shiraz

Haft Khan Restaurant

As it is evident from its name, this restaurant consists of 7 different sections called “khan”s that in each of them you could eat different food. These khans are 7th khan- 5 restaurants- buffet- Sindokht, 6th khan-4 restaurants – Nofel, 5th khan- 3 restaurants-BBQ khan- gracious, 4th khan- take away khan, 3rd khan- fast food, 2nd khan- ground floor-coffee shop, 1st khan- Forood Traditional Restaurant. The haft khan restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the city in which the cost of food for every person starts from 50,000 toomans.

Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant
Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant
  • Address: Corner of 17th Alley, Quran New Boulevard, Shiraz, Fars province, Iran

Soofi Restaurant

This restaurant has a traditional atmosphere and it could be a very good suggestion for eating a delicious lunch in Shiraz. In terms of food variety, the Sufi restaurant is very comprehensive and can cater for all tastes. In the menu of this restaurant, one could find all kinds of kebabs, fish, shrimp and and all exotic food and natural juices. Catering of this restaurant has services for dining outside of the restaurant.

Shriaz Soofi Restaurant
Shriaz Soofi Restaurant
  • Address: Next to Mellat bank, Afif Abad street, Shiraz, Fars province, Iran

Shater Abbas Restaurant

If you want to go to a restaurant that serves good food and still with a reasonable price, you could choose Shater Abbas restaurant. Kebab Koobideh of the Shater Abbas are famous in Shiraz and our suggestion is to order Kebab in this restaurant.

Shiraz Shater Abbas Restaurant
Shiraz Shater Abbas Restaurant
  • Address: Khakshenasi Street, Azadi Boulevard, Shiraz, Fars province, Iran

Famous Shirazi Foods

Shirazi Polo

For making this delicious food, rice, eggplant, chicken, yogurt, brewed saffron, barberry and condiment are used. This food has a lot of fans and almost all people like it.

Shirazi Polo
Shirazi Polo

Dopiyaze Alooye Shirazi

for making this food, potato, onion,tomato, tomato paste and condiment are used. First, potato is boiled and chopped and then fried onion, tomato and tomato paste are added. Cooking this food is very easy and it is among popular foods in Shiraz.

Dopiyaze Alooye Shirazi
Dopiyaze Alooye Shirazi

Koofteh Holoo Shirazi

Koofteh Holoo is another one of Shirazi dishes that you can not find elsewhere. Minced meat, chickpea flour, egg, onion, carrot are the ingredients of this dish.

Koofteh Holoo Shirazi
Koofteh Holoo Shirazi

Eshkeneh Shirazi or Aab Piyazak

Eshkeneh is a dish that is served in all parts of Iran but it is cooked differently throughout the country. Eshkeneh Shirazi is one of the Shiraz local food and the elderly still cook it. In making this dish, onion, egg, fenugreek, dried mint, salt and turmeric is used.

Eshkeneh Shirazi or Aab Piyazak
Eshkeneh Shirazi or Aab Piyazak

Attractions in Shiraz


Hafez’s shrine, poet of the 8th century is located in Shiraz and this place is one of the city’s attractions. This Shrine was built 65 years after death of Hafez with the order of the ruling minister of the Shiraz and during centuries it has been renovated several times. Hafezieh has two courtyards north and south, and a hall 56m long and 8m wide that separates the two courtyards. This magnificent hall has 20 stone pillars with a height of 5 meters.

  • Ticket price: For Iranian Tourists 3,000 Tomans and for foreign tourists 20,000 Tomans
  • Address: Boostan Boulevard, North East of Shiraz

More about Hafez Tomb:

Khajeh Shams al-Din Mohammad Shirazi known as “Hafez” was the great sonneteer and of the Persian poets and literature. He was born in about 726 Hijri year in Shiraz. He learned science and technology in the classes of the professors at his time and got high levels in literature of his time.He pondered a lot in theology and memorized Quran in fourteen different narrations. “Goethe”, the great German scientist, poet and orator produced his Eastern Court in his name and inspired by his thoughts. His poetry includes sessions, several odes and Masnavis, sonnets and rubaiyat. He passed away in 192 Hijri year in Shiraz. His tomb in Shiraz is a shrine for pundits and Persian literature and poetry lovers.Hafezieh (Hafez Tomb) is a complex of tomb in the north of Shiraz and south of ...

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Hammam Vakil

Hammam Vakil (Vakil Bath) was built during the Zandiyeh era near the Vakil Bazaar. For building this Hammam, the most modern architecture of that time was used.  Hammam is paved with stones  and under the stones there are narrow corridors so that the hot whether and steam would pass through it and makes the floor warm. To prevent the cold air entering the bathroom, the door was built small and the entrance to the dressing room is angled.

  • Address: Next to Vakil Mosque, Taleghani Street, Lotfali Khane Zand Street

More about Vakil Bath:

It is located near the Vakil Mosque. Due to change in the conditions of public baths, it has lost its original shape. The Vakil Bath is a monument of the Zand period.

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Vakil Mosque

Vakil mosque was built during Zandiyeh era and it has a beautiful architecture. This mosque has 2 loggias and 2 bedchambers (east and west). In the eastern bedchamber, there are 48 spiral stone pillars which is one the most spectacular parts of the mosque.

  • Address: West of Vakil Bazaar, Ayatollah Taleghani Street, Shiraz, Fars Province

More about Vakil Mosque:

On the western side of Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz and at the end of swordmakers order, a very beautiful mosque is established which is known as Soltani Mosque or Vakil Mosque.This is one of the elegant and very resistant buildings of Zand period which is highly significant in terms of art and architecture. The mosque was built to the order of Karim Khan Zand. The mosque plan is two-perched and it has two southern and eastern bedchambers.This historical monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 18th of Tir 1311 with registration number 182 and it is supported and protected by this organization.

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Tomb of Saadi (Saadiyeh)

Saadiyeh is the place where Saadi lived there during his last years and after his death he was buried there. The tomb of this famous poet has a turquoise dome which have been placed on 8 pillars, the walls are from marble and the Saadi’s grave is in the middle.

  • Address: Next to Baghe Delgosha, End of Boostan Street, Shiraz, Fars Province

More about Tomb of Saadi:

Saadi Shirazi is one of the poets of century 7 AH (century 13 AD). He was buried in a Khanqah where he lived. His most important works are Gulistan and Bustan containing instructive and telling anecdotes. Saadi’s works have been translated in German and French.Mohsen Forughi, Iranian modern architect, drew the plans of the Tomb of Saadi in 1951.

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Quran Gate

On the entering to the city, the first building you see is Quran’s Gate. During Zandiyeh era this gate was renovated and 2 exquisite Qurans where put there. Years later, the gate was destroyed by Reza Khan’s order and again after several years a Merchant rebuild another gate.

  • Address: On the Entrance of City of Shiraz, Shiraz street, Fars Province

More about Quran Gate:

Quran Gate is one of the 12 gates left from old eras in Shiraz, which today is considered as one of the historical relics of this town.This gate is located in Quran square, Haft tanan Boulevard and Rabani Shirazi ST. cross at the entrance of Shiraz. This arch was built in the era of Azedolleh Deylami, and a Quran was placed upon it so that the travelers could end their journey safely.

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Nasir Ol Molk Mosque

Nasir Ol Molk is among older mosques in Shiraz which is in proximity of Shah Cheragh. This mosque is the most valued mosque in Iran in terms of tiling and Mugharnas. As a consequence of using colored glass in the mosque, it is called the Iran’s pink mosque. When sunlight is radiated to the colored glass, the bedchamber becomes colored and dreamy. This mosque was built on 1293 by Qajar kings and it contains a house, a mirror lounge, mosque, cistern and bathroom.

  • Address: Lotfali Khane Zand Street, Shiraz City, Fars Province.

More about Nasir Ol Molk:

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran in terms of tilework and Muqarnas. The mixture of light and color has given exquisite beauty to the mosque. It is the most beautiful mosque in Shiraz. Every tourist desires to visit the mosque with its colorful glasses, high ceilings, and nice tile-work.In terms of tilework, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque is the most precious mosque of Iran, and in terms of construction, especially tilework and Muqarnas, it is one-of-a-kind. In terms of color, it is the only Iranian mosque that can rival Al-Aqsa Mosque and Istanbul Blue Mosque. Construction of the mosque started in 1876 and ended in 1888 AD.

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Eram Garden

Eram Garden along with 8 other gardens were listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO on 1390. In this historical garden, a handful of buildings and botany gardens are located. It is not clear that when this garden was established but according to several travelogues, it existed during Saljoughian era. Eram Garden has a variety of plants and plants from all over the world are planted there.

  • Address: Close to Shiraz University, Eram Street, Shiraz City, Fars Province

More about Eram Garden:

Eram Garden is a beautiful historical garden located in the northwest of Shiraz. It is a one-of-a-kind historical garden which as registered in the list of World Heritage in the 35th conversion of UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2011. The garden includes some great artistic-historical monuments and botanical gardens.Among the cypresses of this street, there is a tall cypress which is noticeable from a long distance. This tree is called “Sarv-e Naz” (Elegant Cypress) because of its unique features. Historians estimate that this cypress is one thousand years.The mansion of the garden belongs to Qajar period, and the tile-work on the front of part of the central porch and around it is among the most interesting tilework of Qajar period, which cannot be seen in other monuments ...

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Arg e Karim Khan

The Karim Khan Citadel is located in the city center of Shiraz, near the Municipality square. As the name implies, the citadel was built in the Zandieh period, between the years of 1766 and 1767 (Gregorian calendar), as a place to live by Karim Khan Zand. During the Pahlavi dynasty, this place became a prison, causing some damage to it.

  • Address: Inside Shohada SQ., Karimkhan-e Zand Street, Shiraz

More about Arg e Karim Khan:

Arg of Karim Khan is also known by the prison of Karim Khan, it was established in 1969 by the order of Karim Khan, the founder of Zandieh dynasty in Shiraz. This building which is one of the most outstanding architectural relics of Zandieh era attracts many tourists every year.Arg of Karim Khan is located in the center of Shiraz. After Karim Khan-e Zand selected Shiraz as the capital of Iran and chose this building as his residential house, it became famous with the name “Arg of Karim Khan”. The Arg has 4 very tall and 12 meter walls in the outside and they are connected to each other with a 90 degree angle with circular brick towers with a height of 14 meters.During the Pahlavi ruling era, the Arg was used as a prison, which exposed it to some damages. In 1971, this Arg was ...

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Khane Ghavam

Khane Ghvam (Ghavam’s house) or Ghavam’s Narenjestan is one of the most beautiful Iranian gardens and as it is clear from its name, has a courtyard full of orange trees. This house was from the properties of the Qavam family and Haj Ibrahim Khan Kalantar, who had great influence because of their wealth during Qajar era. There are many mansions and gardens left from this family, but this house fascinates you because of its beautiful perspective garden. The loggia of this beautiful house has has mirror work, mosaic work, plaster work and tile work. Currently on the lower floor, a museum of artifacts found by professor pop exists.

  • Address: Lotfalikhan-e Zand Street, Shiraz, Fars Province

More about Ghavam’s house:

This garden and its mansion is one of the most beautiful and precious monuments of Qajar period. It was known as “Birouni” in Qajar period and was an alley away from the internal mansion (Andarouni Mansion), i.e. “Zinat-ol-Molouk House”.They were connected through an underground path. This mansion is one of the most beautiful monuments of that period in Shiraz because of the arts such as mirror-work, glassware, designing, wood-carving, carving, plastering, and Muqarnas that were used in it.This garden was registered in Iran’s National Heritage in 1974 under the registration number of 1073.

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Vakil Bazaar

The Vakil Bazaar is located near the Municipality square and proximity of the Arg Karim Khan. This beautiful traditional market was built during Zandieh era with plaster and brick and is still the economic center of Shiraz.

  • Address: After Municipality Square, Shiraz, Iran

More about Vakil Bazaar:

Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz city might be one of the most famous traditional and historical bazaars of Iran. This bazaar which was constructed by the order of Karim Khan Zand (1758-1779) is now located in the center of Shiraz city (east to Shohada Square). Aside to bazaar, there are other places such as the historical mosque and bath of Vakil.Vakil bazaar is built in a + shape, which means it includes a northern, southern, eastern and western wing. A long and vast four-way is built in their crossing which has four large doors that were closed at nights so that the safety of bazaar were provided.This relic was registered as one of Iran’s national relics in July 8th, 1972 with the registration number of 924.

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Afif Abad Garden

This beautiful Iranian garden was built during Safaviyeh dynasty as a promenade for Safavi kings. After that during the Qajar dynasty it was bought by Mirza Alikhan Ghavamolmolk and it was renovated. Nowadays this garden has been converted to a museum garden and 3 museums including Determent museum, Army museum and Army weapons museum has been built in this beautiful garden. The middle building of the garden has been built by Mirza Alikhan Ghavamolmolk.

  • Address: Close to Sattar Khan Street, End of Afif Abad,
Afif Abad Garden
Afif Abad Garden

Shiraz Festivals

  • Hafez Commemoration – 20th of Mehr (October 12)
  • Saadi Commemoration – 1st of Ordibehesht (April 21)
  • Cyrus the Great day – 7th of Aban (October 29)
  • Shiraz Commemoration Day – 15 Ordibehesht (May 5)
Hafez Commemoration
Hafez Commemoration

Shopping Centers in Shiraz

Hamoon Shopping Mall

  • Address: Sattarkhan Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran
Hamoon Shopping Mall
Hamoon Shopping Mall

Zeytoon Fars Shopping Center

  • Address: Panzdahe Khordad Junction, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
Zeytoon Fars Shopping Center
Zeytoon Fars Shopping Center

Setareh Fars Shopping Center

  • Address: Afif Abad Street, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
Setareh Fars Shopping Center
Setareh Fars Shopping Center

Khalije Fars Business and Amusement Center

  • Address: Entry to new city of Sadra, Shiraz, Fars province, Iran
Khalije Fars Business and Amusement Center
Khalije Fars Business and Amusement Center

Things to do in City of Shiraz

Faloodeh Shirazi

One of the oldest and most popular Iranian desserts that we have eaten several times is Faloodeh. However, you should know that the birthplace of this delicious dessert is Shiraz and in your trip to Shiraz do not forget to taste it.

Faloodeh Shirazi
Faloodeh Shirazi

Augury in Hafeziyeh (Faal e Hafez)

Even if you have memorized all the Hafez poetical, reading few couplets from this valuable book in Hafeziyeh could change your mood for better.

Augury in Hafeziyeh
Augury in Hafeziyeh

Hospitals and clinics in Shiraz

Shiraz as the capital of the Fars province has a lot of treatment centers and equipped hospitals. If we only want to name hospitals in Shiraz, we could present you with a list of 41 hospitals. Here, we only name a few hospitals in Shiraz in your guide to Shiraz so that you could get yourself to them without worrying too much.

Namazi Governmental and General Hospital

  • Address: Namazi Square, Shiraz

Shahid Faghihi Governmental and General Hospital

  • Address: Opposite Sooratger Street, Zand Street, Shiraz

Shahid Chamran Governmental Hospital – Orthopedic and Neural Surgery

  • Address: Shahid Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz

Shahid Rajaei Governmental Hospital

  • This hospital is a center for emergency surgery.
  • Address: Next to Chamran Hospital, Shahid Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz

Khalili Govermental Hospital – Ophthalmology and Ear, Nose and Throat

  • Address: Khalili Street

Hafez Governmental Hospital – Gynecology, Psychiatry and Rheumatology

  • Address: Beginning of Chamran Boulevard

Ordibehesht Private Hospital

  • Address: Chamran Boulevard



Even more travel tips for Shiraz and Iran

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Isfahan Safir Hotel, a Hotel near Naghsh e Jahan Square

Did you know that before France, it was in Isfahan that a boulevard was designed and built? The Chahar Bagh street was a place for walking and moving Carriages. Today, the city of half the world has become one of the main tourist attractions of Iran. For this reason, residence places and multi star hotels have become a necessity for this city. The Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the best residence places in the city. With famous Zayandeh Rood River and the people singing on the arcs of the Khaju Bridge, all tourists have a good memory of this city.

It was for a while that we were planning for a journey to Iran’s appealing destinations and finally we chose Isfahan. Me and all of my friends agreed that on our 3 day trip, we should choose a hotel close to Isfahan’s appealing sites. Hence finally we decided to stay at the Isfahan Safir Hotel. Here is what we found during our stay at the Safir Hotel.

In this article, we explore all the amenities of the hotel. If you keep up with us until the end of this article, you will also know about the reason me and my friends chose this hotel for our stay.

Isfahan Safir Hotel
Isfahan Safir Hotel

City of Isfahan, Cultural Capital of the world

City of gardens and buildings in the middle of the garden which cover the historical buildings. Cheerful, cool and fun atmosphere to walk around and free up some thought! Wouldn’t it be better to spend part of the trip sitting next to the large dock of Hasht Behesht garden? Finally you could walk towards the Naghsh e Jahan Square to visit Isfahan’s historical appeals. If you stay at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you could easily walk to these places in 5 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you could find yourself in Mosque and School of Chahar Bagh, Hasht Behesht, Chehel Sotoun and Naghsh E Jahan Square.

By staying at Isfahan Safir Hotel, you would have an easy access to other parts of the city as well. Have you ever asked yourself that why the number of arches in Siosepol is 33 and not another number? This bridge was built by Muslims to connect them to the Armenians on the other side of the river.

Si-o-Seh Pol - Isfahan
Si-o-Seh Pol – Isfahan


The history of the Isfahan Safir Hotel in the city center

Not long after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the eight-year war with Iraq, reconstruction began. Over these years, preparation for encouraging visits to famous Iranian cities started. The Isfahan Safir Hotel was built in accordance with the city redevelopment program. This hotel was built in Amadegah street on 1371 in 5 floors. Fortunately, on 1390 this hotel was refurbished and a more clean and beautiful atmosphere was created, specially in the rooms.

In the 4 star Isfahan Safir Hotel, there exists 100 rooms with a variety of beds for the guest choice. Hence, you could easily find what you are after. Perhaps one of the reasons for this hotel’s popularity is its proximity to the Abbasi Monumnet which is nowadays the contemporary Abbasi hotel. Although Isfahan’s 4 star hotels are numerous, choosing a hotel close to the attractions is a sensible choice.

Introduction to the rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

There are 100 rooms in the hotel which contain a total of 300 beds. The beds of this hotel accommodate adults and kids in complete comfort. Kids below the age of 2 could reside free of charge. Kids between 2 to 7 are charged with half price. This is while the cost of an adult’s night stay at the 4-star Safir Hotel is very reasonable. On certain days of the year, discounts up to 50% are applied to the price of stay.

Apart from the cost of staying in such a 5-star hotel, room facilities are also important. In each room, there exists double bed, large single bed and sometimes both of them. The type of the room is based on the type of beds and the number of people who can stay in it. The hotel room types are as follows:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Suite
  • Apartment

As the number of people in the room increases, prices decrease per person per night. This means that if you’re looking for affordable room rates, go for triple or double rooms. Single-bed rooms, while more comfortable and easy to roam in, will cost more to stay. The price of a hotel room depends also on the size of the room. Suites and apartments, for example, cost more than other rooms. But the facilities in all these rooms are the same.


Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel
Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Facilities Inside the Rooms of 4 Star Hotel

There is a free breakfast for all the rooms in the hotel. You will see the breakfast package on the amenities section. All the toilets inside the rooms are Western-Style Toilets. This has helped the rooms to be more clean. You can also find an Iranian-Style (Square) Toilet on each floor. Some of the rooms, like suites have a bathtub and others have only a shower.

If you want a room with bathtub, please make sure to emphasize this while you are booking. Inside the bathroom you can find all the necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and clean towels. Hence it would not be necessary to bring shampoo and soap in your luggage. If you need a hairdryer, you can find one in the bathroom. Hence, you could cross it out from the list of travel essentials.

Inside the rooms, you will find a work desk with chair, comfortable furniture, bed with clean and soft sheets and a makeup desk. In the wardrobe, you could hang your clothes so that they won’t wrinkle. In each room, there exists a cooling and heating chiller style air conditioning system. There is also a flat-screen TV, a small fridge and tea making facilities for relaxation. But the hotel’s Wi-Fi Internet is another feature you’ll enjoy. The speed of the Internet in the rooms is fast enough to take a look at your social networks.

Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel
Rooms of the Isfahan Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel’s welfare and recreational amenities

In each floor of this hotel, there is a leisure attraction. The Swimming Pool of the Isfahan Safir Hotel is one of the most popular facilities in the hotel which is available for an extra cost. Have a stay at Sauna and Jacuzzi with an atmosphere similar to Iranian and Turkish Bath. If you like to continue your daily exercise, the hotel’s gym is at your disposal. This gym is fully equipped with workout amenities and has a good atmosphere for exercise. Room Service and the reception are 24 hours open and accessible. Hence, if you would like you could order a coffee and speak to your roommate until morning and be awake.

There is free Internet in the lobby and in other public areas such as restaurant. One of the benefits of this 4-star hotel is the ability to accommodate guests and tourists who are on wheelchairs. On the first floor, you will find shops selling Isfahan handicrafts and confections. You will also find unique Iranian carpets in this shop.

Safir Hotel's Lobby
Safir Hotel’s Lobby

The luxurious hotel lounge is perfect for conferences and even weddings. This is especially attractive to foreign tourists that would enjoy watching the Iranian wedding ceremony from close. The conference room located on the fifth floor can accommodate up to 150 people. Parking at the hotel is public, and you could read about other services of the 4-star Isfahan Safir Hotel below.

  • Fax and Photocopy
  • Emergency Stairs and Elevator
  • Luggage Room
  • Reception Bell
  • ATM
  • Coffee Shop
  • Praying Room in Lobby
  • Taxi Service
  • Shop and Store
  • Restaurant
  • TV and Furniture in Lobby
  • Airport Transfer with Extra Charging
  • Supermarket Outside of the Hotel
  • Currency Exchange Shop
  • Shoe Polish Machine
  • Car Rental Without Driver

Introduction to Safir Hotel’s Restaurant

On the topmost floor of the hotel, you could find the restaurant. An all glass space that has a view of the city . In this restaurant, all Iranian Food, International Food, Fast Food, Vegetarian, sea food and local cuisine are available according to menu. If you’re tired of looking at the menu screen, go for the buffet. Fill your plate with your own favorite food.

The coffee shop is in the lobby and the restaurant is on the top floor. The lobby’s glass elevator takes you to the upper floors of the hotel. The hotel’s breakfast menu is complete and is a combination of hot and cold breakfasts. Drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and milk are available depending on your choice. Hot breakfast include Eggs and Omelets, Halim and Lentils. The cold breakfast menu is also full of good choices.

Safir Hotel's Restaurant
Safir Hotel’s Restaurant

Distance to Isfahan’s appealing sites from the Safir Hotel

Most of the Isfahan’s appealing sites are close to the Safir Hotel. This reason was convincing enough for me and my friends to choose to stay at this hotel. The distance from the hotel to the city center is only 2 minutes. With a few minutes of walking, you can find yourself near most of the Isfahan’s appealing sites such as:

It is worth mentioning that in Naghsh-e Jahan Square, not only you could visit Isfahan’s historical buildings like Emam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, but also you could walk in the Bazaar and enjoy seeing local indoor shops. This part of the city is full of  famous restaurants and coffee shops. Don’t miss the chance to eat lunch in one of these restaurants.

From the airport to the hotel is 20 minutes with taxi. Railroad Station is farther and has a 30 minutes ride to the hotel. Bus terminals are closer to the hotel. for example the Seffe Terminal is 15 minutes far from the hotel and you could easily take a taxi to the terminal.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Isfahan Safir Hotel, Address and Telephone No.

As you read, reserving room for the Safir Hotel could be done online. You only need to go to the hotel’s official website and book a room. For easier access we have provided you below with the hotel’s address and telephone number:

Hotel’s Address: Amadgah or Madani street, Opposite the Abbasi Hotel

Hotel’s Telephone No. 031-32222640

Hotel’s website: safirhotel.net


Frequently Asked Questions

Does all the Safir Hotel’s rooms come with free breakfast?

Yes, no matter which room you reserve, all rooms come with complementary breakfast.

Is it possible to arrive at the hotel’s entrance with private car?

Isfahan Safir Hotel is located in the center of the city and hence it is located inside the traffic restriction area of the city. Cars with even and odd license plates could go the city center on even and odd days respectively from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. On hours other than mentioned, you could bring your private vehicle to the proximity of hotel’s entrance. Please note that the public parking near the hotel only accepts entrance until 12:00 am.

Opinions about the Safir Hotel has been divided. based on your preference, you could like some special amenities of this hotel. If you have ever stayed at the 4-star Safir Hotel or any other hotel in Isfahan, feel free to write a comment for us. Write to us about the accommodation experiences and amenities of Isfahan Safir Hotel and be a guide for others.

Most Beautiful & Famous Waterfalls of Iran

Iran is not only the land of historical and cultural places, it is also home to a countless number of natural attractions such as waterfalls. There are so many that some of the smaller ones don’t even have official names. It was very difficult to choose but here comes a list of most beautiful and famous waterfalls in Iran.

This spring is in a deep and beautiful valley of Kabodwall forest. Kabodwall is situated 5 km. to the south of Ali Abad Katoul township.

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This waterfall is located to the north east of the township of Lordegan and it originates from passes of Kareh Bast and Pol-e-Khodafarin.This waterfall due to its majestic height and surrounding beauty is worth seeing. In the vicinity of Sabz Kooh other waterfalls are also present with suitable height and volume.

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This famous and great waterfall is located at the borders of the two provinces of Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad and Fars. This waterfall is at the east of Yasooj and alongside the Margoon Village.This long waterfall due to presence within the beautiful narrow Margoon Pass, and the numerous water branches which fall in the valley and flow into the river, and also due to its verdant surroundings and forested trees, is considered the most reputed waterfall of this province.Besides the presence of rivers and springs in this region, it is enhanced with other natural beauty such as plains with a species of tulips and other colorful flowers, rendering a very beautiful scene to this region and making it an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

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The Shooshtar Waterfalls are considered to be an attractive historical site. They are located alongside a branch of the Gerger, near Sika. These waterfalls were constructed in the year 1233 AH, in order to protect the Mizan Dam.In the same year in order to prevent the destruction of the dam, another dike was constructed. Thence outlets of the Mizan Dam was blocked and the course of Gerger River dried up. The Gerger Dam was also constructed on the course of this river and some holes were constructed on the top of this dam, between the two scarps of the river overlooking the valley of Gerger River in the midst of the rocks in order to conduct the water to flow through the holes, thus creating the present waterfalls.In this way the probability of the destruction of dam decreased. ...

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This waterfall is located in the village of Shevy in the district of Dorood, and gushes out of a cave. This waterfall draws hordes of people to the site in the spring season.

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Noujian waterfall is one of Iran’s highest waterfalls and it is located in Lorestan province. This waterfall is located in the 38 kilometer distance in south east of Khorram Abad (Payee County) with a height of 95 meter and the crest weight is 5 meters. This waterfall is one of the beauties of Lorestan and each year attracts many visitors to itself.Noujian waterfall is the 46th national relic that was registered in the list of Iran’s natural heritage in March 17th, 2009 by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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Afrineh waterfall is located in Lorestan province, in the path from Khorram Abad to Pol Dokhtar. Afrineh waterfall is located in a village with the same name. this beautiful waterfall attracts several enthusiasts and tourists to itself in spring and summer.

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This waterfall is spectacular in that it is completely frozen, and is at an elevation of 5,100 m. in the vicinity of the Dood Kooh Mountains near the Damavand Peak. The same has a height of 70 m. and is 3 m. in girth which is in a state of constant increment.This increase is due to the trickle of water from the melting glacier above it, in the summer months at noon. This trickle flows alongside the waterfall, thereby adding to it. The same continues for a short while and soon freezes. The said waterfall is one of its own in the world.

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Shahandasht waterfall is the largest waterfall of Mazandaran which is registered as one of Iran’s national relics in the list of Iran’s national relics. This massive, lush and permanent waterfall shows off in the southern side of Haraz road and river with an indescribable glory and falls from the side of Malek Bahman castle and from a pyramid shaped mountain with an overlook of Shahandasht village.

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Khor is a 50-meter-high waterfall in the north of Karaj, the beginning of Chalus Road. The gardens of Khor village, the ski resort, and the waterfall make up the tourist attractions of this district in Alborz Province. Like other areas around Chalus Road, this area has plenty of gardens, and the blooming of buds and flowers in the spring enhances the beauty of the area.Khor Village is located in Alborz Province, near Amirkabir or Karaj Dam. Khor ski resort, which is located beside the village, hosts skiers and especially, tube riders in winters.

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This waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls of the province, near the city of Hamadan and at the tail end of the recreational area of Abbas Abad Valley.This waterfall flows down from a height of about 12 m. and is known as the water of Abbas Abad. Its average output is 200 litres/second.This waterfall is in the vicinity of the Ganj Nameh Inscriptions and also en route to the track from where the heights of the Alvand mountains are accessible.

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Although the waterfalls in Iran are not comparable to the world’s waterfalls in terms of height, apart from their height, other properties such as waterfall width, output water volume, being plunge or cascade as well as environmental factors such as regional climate and natural sights surrounding the waterfall and local beliefs might be influential in their popularity.No accurate studies have been carried out on the height of important waterfalls in Iran. However, according to nature experts’ experiences and scholars’ ideas, Laton Waterfall in Astara can be considered the highest waterfall in Iran with a height of 105 meters. After that, Vorvar Waterfall and Serankuh Waterfall are located in Barez Mountains in Kerman with a height about 100 meters and Shevi Waterfall is located ...

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