Khuzestan Travel Guide

Khuzestan The land of Khuzi people is more than 2500 years old and it is said that humans have lived in it since 2700 BC but most of us today know it because of the country’s oil and gas production. Of course, in addition to oil and gas, the name of Khuzestan reminds Iranians the …

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Tabriz souvenirs


What souvenirs should we buy in Tabriz? The metropolis Tabriz city is one of the most attractive cities in Iran and has great economic and industrial importance. The attractions of Tabriz attract many tourists to visit this city. Of course, in addition to historical and cultural attractions, this city also has attractive souvenirs. Definitely one …

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The Top 15 dishes in Iran, according to Travelers’ experiences


Have you ever had a friend and would like to introduce the best and most delicious Iranian food to him? What would you say if you wanted to introduce some delicious Iranian food? In this article, we are going to introduce you some of the most famous Iranian dishes according to Travelers’ experiences. These foods …

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A Travel guide to Mashhad

holly shrine

A Travel Guide to Holly Mashhad When it comes to Mashhad, most of us remember the holly shrine of Imam Reza and the pilgrimage which changes one’s mood and fills one’s being with a sense of peace. Of course, Mashhad has many other spectacular attractions that make traveling to it sweet and memorable. Every year, …

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Get acquainted with the best vegen restaurants in Tehran

Introduction to vegan restaurants in Tehran In today’s world, there have been many changes in the lifestyle of people from different societies, one of which is the abandonment of bulky animal foods and the replacement of plant foods. People who have opted for this lifestyle are called vegans, veganism is a way of life that …

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Where to eat the best and the most delicious Dizy in Tehran


Famous Dizy restaurants of Tehran Broth or Dizy is one of the traditional and delicious Iranian foods that still retains its high status despite the popularity of Western and fast food. No matter how much you love pizza, hamburger and steak, you still know that nothing can replace a tasty, stuffed Dizy with fresh Sangak …

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The most popular souvenirs of Iran in the eyes of the foreign tourists

Introduction to the most popular souvenirs in Iran Every city in Iran has its own souvenirs. The most famous Iranian souvenirs that are usually purchased by foreign tourists are artifacts made with the love and interest of their creators and with great effort. Just stroll through one of Iran’s historic bazaars to find hundreds of …

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Where to eat the Best and Most Delicious Kebabs in Tehran + Address

Introduction to the Best Kebab Restaurants in Tehran One of the most popular dishes in the Middle East is Kebab; it is often made by lamb or veal with onions and spices. To cook this dish, the meat is roasted in a metal or wooden skewer and set on a direct fire until it is …

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Abbasi Hotel In Isfahan (Full Introduction and Reservation)

Introduction of the 5-star Abbasi hotel in Isfahan Despite ever today we’re going to pore over one of the best and luxurious hotel in our country. The Abbasi grand hotel is shaped in a historical complex and while sustaining all traditional features and interiors it’s got one of the best modern hotels fulfilling all necessary …

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The best coffee stores in Tehran

Coffee store

The introduction of the best coffee stores in Tehran Coffee is actually the second favorite drinks in European countries, which recently has got very popular in Asian countries as well. This energetic drink has different ways of making, like; Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Maciato, etc which shape only a smart part of cafe’s menu. Coffee is …

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