Shahdad Kaloots (Kalut) In Kerman


Where is the warmest spot on earth? For sure this question may have come to your mind for several times, this region of course placed in Kerman province in Iran. It’s the region that it’s remembered as a place for exciting entertainments like; safari, desert tour, camel ridding and scientific research. Shahdad Kaloots , the …

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The best traditional residences of Shiraz

Shiraz Traditional Residences

Shiraz is one of the most famous and historic city in Iran which its popularity has gone beyond the borders and every year attracts many international tourists from all around the world. In every corner of this ancient city there are lots of historic and old attractions and of course a beautiful unique nature. Shiraz …

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Best places in Tehran to eat street food

Street Food Tehran

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in any destination is speaking of gourmet and the food in that city or country. In recent years, the discussion of street food has become very important, and in every country there are several food vendors beside each other and each one’s offering a world of delicious and …

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The most popular restaurants in Tehran

Revolving restaurant of Milad Tower

Introduction of the best restaurants of Tehran Gastronomy has become one of the most fascinating activities of people all around the world. It’s interesting to know that this issue has taken seriously in Iran and today we’re witnessing some of the best and even international restaurants in different cities and this might be considered as …

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Introduction of the cheapest hotels in Mashhad

Cheap hotel in Mashhad

Mashhad is the second big city in Iran which many tourists travel there every year. This city is both tour and pilgrimage and for that demand for hotel reservation is very high in it. Travital reservation system with having a perfect list of the best and cheapest hotels in Iran gives the tourists this chance …

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Best traditional accommodations in Isfahan

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Isfahan is one of the most spectacular cities of Iran which many domestic and foreign tourists visit it every year. A city full of historic sites and architecture attractions which makes everybody amazed and all visitors admire the art of builders and architectures of this city. But nothing is like staying some nights in one …

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15 hotels near the holly shrine of Imam Reza

Mashhad Hotel

Hotels near the holly shrine Travelling to Mashhad and visiting the holly shrine, doesn’t know any special season or time. No statistics is even needed and with only a simple experience you will get that not only people from all spots of Iran but even from many other countries are willing to visit the holly …

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Examples of world’s attractions in Iran


All world tourist attractions are gathered in Iran! It might be odd and strange to read this sentence but it’s totally a true sentence. With travelling to even some parts of Iran you’ll visit examples of top attractions of the world which many people around the world visit them in every year. For instance one …

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The best time to travel to Kish

Kish Island

Did you know the existing oxygen in air in Kish is much more than anywhere else in Iran?! This subject has reduced the pollution in the air. But when’s the best time to go there? If you are one of those people who don’t know when to go to Kish keep going up with us …

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The Hotel Voucher

What is the Voucher of hotel? If you are one of those people who travel a lot and in other words you tend to excursion, you have surly chosen different accommodations in different cities of the world. One of the common words we’ve always heard in this case is Hotel Voucher. In this article we’re …

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