The 12 Best Hotels in Mashhad 2020 (Prices, Photos & Address)

Introduction of 12 best hotels in Mashhad

Mashhad is the second big city in Iran which as a religious city attracts many tourists every year. The holly and pilgrimage city is also one of touristy polar of country and there are lots of tourist attractions and beautiful sights except holly shrine of Imam Reza. Therefore the introduction of best hotels in Mashhad comes at priority, because most of the travelers are searching for a good accommodation in this city.

In net parts we’ll introduce you some of the best luxury and specially 5 or 4-star hotels in Mashhad. Join us in this article in Travital and choose your ideal accommodation.

Ghasre Talai (Golden Palace) Hotel

It’s one of the tallest and most luxurious buildings located on Imam Reza blvd and near to Basij square which is visible even from the furthest spots like Kalantari highway. Here is the best hotel near the holly shrine of Imam Reza and being close to holly shrine is one of the special features of this hotel beside its perfect services and facilities. If you’re going to visit Imam Reza blvd and would like to walk to holly shrine, you can find yourself in there after 15 minutes walking.

This hotel has 357 rooms and all necessary facilities like; air conditioner, mini bar, smart TV, clean sheets, wireless free internet and bathroom, if you have car you can park it in hotel car park for free.

Including entertaining places in best hotel of Mashhad are; traditional tea house, restaurant with best Iranian and international chefs, coffee shop, sauna, Jacuzzi and shopping center. One of the advantages of this hotel is locating among the luxurious hotels in Mashhad and it’s very close to train station, bus terminal and airport.

Address: between Imam Reza No.34 and 36, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

darvishi hotel

The luxury Darvishi royal hotel in Mashhad

The name of this hotel should be mentioned among the grand hotels in Mashhad as well. The splendid interior of this 5-star hotel has turned it to a glorious place adjacent to the holly shrine. The majestic Darvishi is one of the best hotels that have only 1/4 km to holly shrine and you can get there by only 10 minutes walking. The building is in 25 floors which has an atrium inside. This kind of building is unique in east of country and every traveler or visitor admires it. By entering the hotel you’ll find yourself in the biggest hotel in Mashhad.

The entertainment facilities here are; sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish hotel, gym, dedicated showers, spa and swimming pool.

Another merit of this hotel is educated and experienced personnel with nice behavior that do all your needs.

Address: Between Imam Reza No.24 and 26, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

Almas hotel, one of the best 4-stars

It’s one of the best 4-star hotels in Mashhad which invite the guests inside with its golden sign at the entrance door. If you want airport transfer you must inform the hotel reception 2 hours earlier. Of course this transfer would be free or you.

Including facilities in here are; such as room services, conference salons, children’s play room, library along with a traditional tea house. Inside the rooms you will find TV, fridge and free internet. The hotel’s shops and stores along with the restaurant and coffee shop of this Hotel are special places of here. The distance is only about 11 minutes to popular Kuhsangi Park by car and 15 minutes to amusement park, 35 minutes to Ferdosi Tomb, less than 20 minutes to Padideh Shandiz and 4 minutes walking to Reza bazaar. Unfortunately this hotel has no swimming pool or gym.

Address: between Imam Reza No.4 and 6, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

Almas II hotel, a 5-star in Mashhad

This hotel not only is one of the best hotels in Mashhad but it’s the newest 5-star hotel in this city. This grand hotel was established in 2016 and it’s built near the holly shrine. The number of rooms is about 220 rooms which are speared in 26 floors. The interior is a combination of designs and decorations from countries like Russia, Turkey, Rom, Africa, Arab, ancient Iran and contemporary Iran like mirror room and many others that turned it to a museum, and the same thing has turned this place to the most beautiful hotel of city.

The sport and comfort facilities of this hotel such as the water complex for adults and kids, not only attracts the travelers but even the citizens of Mashhad.

Hotel coffee shop, garden and trace on roof, restaurant and the other comfort facilities satisfy any guest in this hotel. You’ll enjoy from Royal beds, luxury interior, beautiful flooring, mirrored ceilings and a very clean swimming pool and all of these features make this hotel one of the bests in Mashhad.

Address: The corner of Imam Reza No.20, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

Madineh-Al Reza hotel, near the holly shrine

It’s one of the best 5-star hotels near the holly shrine of Imam Reza with less than 150 meters distance and a suitable location in the town. The guests and tourists who had reservation in this hotel have been satisfied of the services and gave it a high rating. The interior of this hotel is according to traditional Iranian architecture and attracts any Iranian or foreign traveler. This hotel was built in 2013 and established in 17 floors. There are also 325 rooms in this hotel, 205 double rooms and 72 triple rooms in whole. The rest of rooms are single or double apartments.

You can use different entertaining facilities in here, such as; stores and shopping centers, gym and swimming pool, tea house, traditional restaurant with best Iranian food, international restaurant and internet.

The lobby in hotel with its glassy dome ceiling and magnificent lights has doubled the beauty and glory of this hotel.

Revolving restaurant on 12th floor with a spectacular view of the holly shrine attracts many guests to here. Therefore consider this hotel as an option of accommodation in Mashhad if you would like to see this view.

Address: the corner of Sharestan, Shirazi St, Mashhad

Pardisan hotel with a luxury pool

It’s one of the other best 5-stars in Mashhad which is very close to entertainments in city. Kuhsangi Park, Mellat Park and Ferdosi University are located near this hotel. Except 162 rooms and suites in here, there are also conference salons which many seminars and conferences are held here. There are many facilities of a 5-star hotel here, like; coffee shop, restaurants, conference salons amphitheater, water complex including swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and Turkish bath, gym, taxi service, laundry, car park, airport transfer, holly shrine transfer. There’s also market and shopping mall in here and you can buy souvenirs at the most suitable prices.

Address: next to Seda va Sima Park, Kalantari highway, Mashhad

Homa hotel with 2 branches in city

The building was built in 1982 with name of height. The next years upgrading has turned it to one of the best hotels in Mashhad. This hotel got ready to host the guests with 126 rooms, 3 suites and 6 apartments.

Including facilities in this hotel is having a big green space and easy access to subway and bus which help the guests to pass the 5 km distance to holly shrine easily. It has also the best chefs in its restaurant

Note: the villa part is divided from apartments and suites and these two buildings have 250 meters distance together.

Address: Around the Ahmad Abad Square, Mashhad

homa 2 hotel mashhad

Homa II hotel

This hotel is actually the second branch of Homa hotel located on Khayyam St in Mashhad. The big and modern lobby of this hotel will be a great place for official meetings. Here has different luxury and royal suites with suitable prices.

The restaurants and coffee shops in here are always crowded and popular. The great location of this hotel makes it easy to access to tourist attractions of Mashhad.

Address: the southern Khayyam St No.18, Melak Abad, Mashhad

Javad hotel, the closest 4-star to holly shrine

This 4-star hotel is also one of the best hotels in city which actually is a building in 8 floors and 105 rooms and suites. The great location of this hotel gives you the possibility of airport transfer for free. You’ll be also so close to shopping centers, bus and train station, and don’t forget to visit some attractions like; Goharshad Mosque, Nader Shah tomb and old houses.

Different facilities in here:

Restaurant, coffee shop, free internet, WC, pool, gym

Address: the corner of Imam Reza No.3, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

Espino hotel, one of the bests in Mashhad

It was built in 2014 with 35 rooms. Though it has low rooms but it’s one of the best in city. It’s located on 17th of Shahrivar St which is very close to holly shrine and shopping centers and sights of course. The distance to holly shrine is about 20 minutes through walking. In this 5 floors building there are great restaurant, swimming pool and entertaining spaces. The price of this hotel rooms are quite suitable and economic. We suggest you to go on roof and enjoy the holly shrine glowing view.

Address: the eastern Onsori St, 17th of Shahrivar St, Mashhad

The international Ghasr hotel

The facilities and services inside the hotel cause you don’t need to go out for your needs. There are places like a photography studio, hairdressers, a variety of restaurants and tea houses, skin and dental clinic, playing park for kids, bank and currency exchange and more in here. Whatever you imagine it! So you don’t pay just for proper room rates but also 5-star facilities of the hotel.

It’s also very close to holly shrine, train station, bus terminal, only 10 minutes by car, free transfer gets you to the hotel in 20 minutes as well. It has 310 different rooms and we highly recommend you not to lose having a meal at its restaurant.

Address: between Imam Reza No14 and 16, Imam Reza St, Mashhad

Kowsar Naab international hotel, with the windows to the shrine

It’s another 5-star hotel in Mashhad whit suitable and fair prices. It’s not near the busy places around the shrine but it’s close to the holly shrine. It has 176 rooms with windows to the holly shrine and for that it’s one of the most famous 5-star in the city. Different facilities in here are; free internet, restaurant with best menu, green area and airport transfer.

Address: in middle of Amir Al-Momenin blvd, between Vahdat Alley No.7 and 9, between Vahdat and Razavi blvd, Mashhad

Other Hotels in Mashhad

There are more than 120 hotels in Mashhad right now which you can easily find and compare here.

Last Words

If you are planning on staying in Mashhad, go to the hotel reservation page to see the best Mashhad hotel prices. In many cases, there are many discounts on the prices of rooms in these hotels which make it possible for all tourists to make reservations. We also hope you have found the answer to the question of which is the best hotel in Mashhad by reading this article. For traveling to Mashhad or Iran, you can choose among the best hotels in Mashhad, depending on your needs. Please write a review or experience of your stay at Mashhad Hotels in Comments.


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