A Travel Guide to Qeshm

The Qeshm Island is Iran’s largest and one of the widely known islands which is located in Hormuzgan Province. The island has a pristine and beautiful nature and its history dates back to the Sassanid era. This southern Iranian island has long been a destination for many Iranians and foreign tourists. If you are planning to have a trip to Qeshm, you should have information about which time is better to travel there, where you should visit and what are the costs in your journey. In this article on Travital, we intend to introduce a guide to Qeshm which is a necessary item for every traveler.



Geographical position of the Qeshm Island

The Qeshm island is located in south of Iran and it is the largest island in Strait of Hormuz. Since this Island is located in south of Bandar Abbas, From north it is bounded by Bandar Abbas, from east by Lark Island, from south by Hengam Island and from south west by Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb.

A Brief History of the Qeshm Island

As it was mentioned above, the history of this island dates back to the Sassanid era and during that time it was called Abarcarvan. It is said that the island have been inhabited from pre-Islamic times and even from the days of the Median kings. With the advent of Islam, the Muslims conquered the island and everything began to take on a different path. Various governments ruled over the island, among them Al Buyeh, and at one time it was ran by the Mongols and the Ilkhanid rulers. After that Europeans arrived at the island and specifically the Portuguese ruled the island for a while and during the Qajar era this ruling became official until after the Qajar era that Qeshm was returned to Iran.


Qeshm’s Important Information:

  • Telephone Code: 076
  • Distance from Tehran: 1276 km to Bandar Abbas
  • Ground trip duration: 14h to Bandar Abbas
  • Aerial trip duration: 1h and 30m
  • Railroad trip duration: 19h to Bandar Abbas

Climate condition and best time to travel to Qeshm

Considering that Qeshm is in south of Iran, its weather is hot and since it is an island it is also humid. From 10th of Tir to 10th of Shahrivar is the hottest period in the island however the price of stay is half of the price in the rest of the year. Day and Bahman months are the best time to travel to Qeshm. Hottest and coldest temperature are 46c and 16c respectively.

Residence in the Qeshm Island

For residing in Qeshm, there are numerous options on the table but choosing between them depends on the budget you have for your trip.

The average price for residence in Qeshm hotels starts from 150000 Toomans and it could be up to 400000 Toomans per night and it depends on the hotel you have chosen to stay.

Cheap and medium price hotels list

List of Luxury Hotels in Qeshm

Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

1. Irman Boutique Hotel – Qeshm

IRMAN Boutique Hotel is ready to welcome its beloved tourists and guests with a professional and experienced team. This hotel is the first boutique hotel in Qeshm with beautiful and unique design in its traditional yet modern style. There is only a four-minute walking distance between the hotel and the most important and largest Qeshm commercial areas, such as City Center One and Two, Star, Pardis, and Ferdowsi complexes. Irman hotel, offers 38 dreamy rooms in 5 floors with various types ...

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Cost of transportation in Qeshm

On Qeshm, there is no bus or metro. Hence, if you have not brought your car with yourself, you have to move with taxi. However, if you have brought your car, the situation would be completely different.

Car Rental in Qeshm

Of course you can rent car in the island. For renting a car, you could speak with your hotel administration because most of the hotels in Kish and Qeshm rent cars to their guests.

If your hotel does not have car rental facilities, you could try these 3 websites: qeshmcar.com, rentqeshm.com, qeshmcarrental.ir

Required Documents for Renting a Car in Qeshm

  • National ID Card, Birth Certificate or Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving License
  • Payment as a deposit (depends on the company and the car selected)


Food in Qeshm

Grilled Fish

Since Qeshm is an island, best options for food here, is their sea food. They empty the stomach of the fishes like Red or Javelin fish and fill it with coriander, dill, Chopped onion, condiment and pepper.


It is one of the other dishes in Qeshm which is made from wheat, fish and aromatic vegetables. For making this dish, first the wheat is put in water and then fish that has been mixed with the vegetables is added.

Disho Rice

People from Qeshm make this food from date syrup. They boil it and then the rice which has been made is added and they keep heating it until all the water is steamed and at the end they serve the rice with fish.


Main Tourist Attractions

Qeshm’s Geo Park

This Geo Park is the only one in middle east that has been registered as a World Heritage. It hosts several different species from birds, cattle and reptiles and hence, it is one of the most important Ecosystems in Iran.

Strait of Chahkooh

We can not speak of Qeshm and overlook this strait. The Chahkooh Strait is actually two perpendicular valleys with hollow walls, holes which have different sizes and their existence have made this valley strange.


Naz Island

The Naz islands are different from all the beaches you’ve ever seen. Here in the low tide, a beam of glistening sand, connects three rocks that rise out of the water to Qeshm. The islands are called the Do Naz and are listed on the maps as the Naz Islands and are also known to tourists by the same name. At the time of low tide, with a full backwater of the sea, for a short time, beam of dry island connects to the beach of Qeshm. Although this happens for a short time, travelers can watch the Hormuz Strait, Lark Island from above the heights as they enter the Naz Islands.

Address: Hormuzgan Province, Qeshm City, The West Part of the Northern Beach of the Qeshm, Beside Eastern Chahoo Village


Hengam Island

Hengam, the island of playful dolphins is located in south of Iran. Although it is small however it is one of the most exciting tourist destinations. Hengam is located 2 kilometers from Qeshm. In order to visit Hengam, you should take a boat from Qeshm and you will arrive at the island after a short trip. Moving to the island, the first thing that catches your eye is the clean, shiny sand and the infinite beauty of the blue water that shines tens of time under the golden sunlight. In this part of the island you can see many clam shell cliffs and one of the most exciting part of traveling to this island is to see these colorful clams.

Address: Hormuzgan, 2 km South of Qeshm Island, Hengam Island


Bame Qeshm

You can have one of the most beautiful views of the island at its highest point, the Bame Qeshm (roof of Qeshm). From above you will have a wonderful view of the forests and the northern shores of the Persian Gulf.

Valley of Stars

The valley is one of the seven wonders of Qeshm, and because of its unique shape, the wind blows in to create strange sounds, which is why it is called the Valley of Stars.

Tal Ab or Tala Wells

One of the fascinating attractions of Qeshm Island is the Tal Ab or Tala Wells that are very old. The wells are designed to store rainwater in the area. These wells are located 76 kilometers from Qeshm city and 30 kilometers north of Qeshm International Airport and when you visit these wells you can see Naderi Castle right next to these wells inside the pit of the mountain slope. The idea of building these wells dates back to the Achaemenid times and is now considered as one of the tourist attractions of Qeshm Island.

Kharbas Cave

Thousands of years ago, during the Sassanid era, a village called Kharbas flourished and was one of the most prestigious areas of Qeshm Island. The village is surrounded by short, long coral hills surrounded circle wise. Opposite the castle, there is an ancient cemetery overlooking the entrance of the Caves. The entrance of the cave is located at a height of 20 to 30 meters in the heart of the mountain. We suggest you visit this wonderful cave while traveling to Qeshm.
Address: Hormuzgan, Qeshm Island, 15 km from the Qeshm City

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Qeshm’s Shopping Centers

Qeshm City Center
Address: Emam Ali Khan Square, Qeshm, Qeshm Island
Qeshm Bandar Darhagan Bazaar
Address: Dargahan City, Qeshm Island
Dargahan Zomorod Business Complex
Besides Enghelab Square, Next to Nakhl Shopping Center and 2 Dolphins Shopping Center, Nakhoda Street, Dargahan, Qeshm Island,
2 Dolphin of Qeshm Shopping Center
Address: On Nakhoda Street next to Nakhl Shopping Center Dargahanو Qeshm Island
Qeshm Simorgh Shopping Center
Address:  Gholikhan Square, Qeshm City, Qeshm Island
Qeshm Ferdowsi Shopping Center

Address: Next to Setareh Qeshm Shopping Center, Before Felestin Street, Valiasr Street, Golha Square, Qeshm

Marjan Qeshm Shopping Center
Address: Pardis Junction, Valiasr Boulevard
Qeshm Khalije Fars Shopping Center
Address: Next to Setareh Qeshm Shopping Center, Before Felestin Street, Valiasr Street, Golha Square, Qeshm City

Medical Centers in Qeshm

Payambar Azam Hospital
Telephone: +981735212530
Address: Piroozi Street, Sam and Zal town, Qeshm
Jame’e Medical Center (Shahid Zakeri)
Telephone: +981735222759
Address: Shafa Square, Valiasr Boulevard, Qeshm
Shahid Dara Clinic (24/7 open)
Address: Qeshm City, First Entrance, Sam and Zal, Qeshm City
Dargahan Salamat Jame’e Center
Telephone: +981735262555
Address: Opposite Mokhaberat, Dargahan
Salamat Jame’e Souza Clinic
Telephone: +981735347739
Address: Next to Amouzesh va Parvaresh office, Souza
Salam Jame’e Tabl Center
Telephone: +981735338414
Address: After Salkh Three way, Tabl

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