A Travel guide to Mashhad

A Travel Guide to Holly Mashhad

When it comes to Mashhad, most of us remember the holly shrine of Imam Reza and the pilgrimage which changes one’s mood and fills one’s being with a sense of peace. Of course, Mashhad has many other spectacular attractions that make traveling to it sweet and memorable. Every year, more than 27 million of our compatriots travel to Mashhad along with two million foreigners. Then join us in this article of Travital to explore the travel guide to Mashhad together.

Mashhad City

What you will read in this article

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Mashhad’s geographical location

Mashhad is the capital of Khorasan Razavi province and its area is about 351 square km. It is geographically located in northeastern Iran and is bordered by Kalat city to the north, Dargaz to the northwest, Chenaran and Neishabour to the west, and Sarakhs and Torbat Jam to the east. It is 1050 meters above the sea and is located in the Kashfar River catchment are between the Binalood Mountains and Hezar Masjed. The most important mountain range to the southeastern direction of this region is Ajdarkooh with an approximate height of 3000 meters. Mashhad city has 4 central parts including; Markazi, Ahmadabad, Razaviyeh, and Torqabeh. Also 5 cities named Mashhad, Molk Abad, Razaviyeh, Torqabeh, Shandiz and 13 villages.


Mashhad is 934 km away from Tehran. According to the general census conducted in 2016, the population of this city was more than three million and one hundred thousand people which makes it the second most populous city in Iran. More than 93% of the population speaks Persian. The language of people in Mashhad is Persian with Mashhadi dialect. This dialect is rich in ancient Persian words. Mashhadi dialect is a kind of origin of the original literature of great poets such as Ferdowsi, Attar and Khayyam. This dialect is considered to be a branch of Dari Persian and many of the missing words of the language can be found in the slang of the people who are living in Mashhad. In 2009, they chose the name of The Spiritual Capital Of Iran for Mashhad and in 2017, it was able to become the capital of Islamic culture.

Mashhad’s climate

Mashhad has a combined temperate, cold and dry climate. This region has special climatic and climatic characteristics due to its location in the border region between north and south of Khorasan and also the interference of different climatic fronts. A large part of Mashhad plain, The Neishabour is cold and dry and a part of Mashhad plain, Quchan, is semi-dry. Binalood and Hezar Masjed mountains are in the category of cold humid weather conditions and in general Mashhad’s climate are variable but temperate and tend to be cold and dry, with hot dry summers and cold humid winters. Most of the time, the wind blows from the southeast to the northwest. The average temperature reaches 43 degrees above zero on the hottest days of summer and minus 15 degrees in winter.

Mashhad City National Park

The best time to travel

The best time to visit Mashhad is late spring and early autumn, which is accompanied by a mild and secluded climate of the city. Summer is a holiday season and Mashhad is very crowded and the temperature reaches more than 40 degrees. Autumn is cool and fewer travelers go to the city. Winter covers the cold weather of the city, despite the loneliness and low prices. The spring weather in Mashhad is pleasant but it is very crowded during the holidays. If the hustle and bustle of this season does not bother you, it can be said that it is one of the best times to visit Mashhad.


Residence in Mashhad

You can choose from many options to stay in Mashhad, because this city is fully prepared to receive travelers and newcomers to this city. From hotels or mid-range apartments to 5-star luxury hotels that offer complete service to guests.

In fact, in Travital website, you can choose a hotel reservation in Mashhad exactly for your budget. A place just for sleeping, or an apartment hotel with a kitchen that eliminates the need to eat and pay for a restaurant or a hotel that offers all the amenities. It is necessary to mention in the travel guide to Mashhad that the authorized accommodation of this city is more than 300 cases. It is interesting to know that in 1313, there were only two guest houses and 33 inns in the whole city. One of these two guest houses was Shargh Guest House on the current Imam Khomeini Street which had two large rooms and three small rooms with seven workers, and the fare for each person was between 4 to 10 Rials a night.

Currently, 55% of the country’s tourist beds are located in Mashhad. Of course, due to the large number of passengers it is still not enough and we are witnessing between 3,000 and 5,000 illegal centers which unfortunately sometimes have serious troubles.


madina hotel
Madina AL-Reza Hotel

Five-star hotels


javad hotel
Javad Hotel

Four-star hotels

Several hotels offered in different price classes:

Dervishi Luxury Hotel

One of the closest five-star hotels to the shrine of Imam Reza. This hotel is a familiar name for those who are looking for a luxurious stay. Dervishi luxury hotel with its unique architecture in style of the eight nationalities of the world is equipped with the best and most modern facilities that you can find in less Iranian hotels. The luxurious Dervish Hotel is like a small town with all the amenities. From various rooms and reception halls to entertainment facilities and shopping malls.

Address: Dervish luxury hotel, between Imam Reza 24 and 26, Imam Reza (AS) Street, Mashhad

darvishi hotel
Darvishi Hotel

Green House (Khane Sabz) Hotel

Green House can be considered one of the best three-star hotels in Mashhad. Its location is easily accessible to the shrine of Imam Reza, the Naderi Museum and the Almas Shargh Bazaar. It has restaurant, internet, parking, mini bar, coffee shop, laundry and wheelchair.

Address: Green House Hotel, Tohid Square, Mashhad

Resalat Apartment Hotel

A well-built clean and tidy accommodation in the holy city of Mashhad which is a special offer for pilgrims to the shrine of Imam Reza with its desirable facilities and services, as well as its very convenient location. If you are looking for a new and beautiful apartment hotel that in addition to being close to the shrine of Imam Reza, offers you services similar to a three-star hotel, you have a good choice ahead. You can have a small and friendly meeting with your family and friends in the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel or in its coffee shop and spend the night in large, clean and standard rooms.

Address:. Resalat Apartment Hotel, Imam Reza No.8, Imam Reza St, Holy Mashhad

Olympia Hotel

One of the hallmarks of the hotel is the comfort of the guests. Among these facilities, the restaurant serves Persian and French cuisine, a coffee shop with a beautiful environment and a variety of hot and cold drinks and a private hotel parking. Hotel Olympia has a short distance from the shrine which makes it accessible to shopping malls around there.

Address: the corner of the second intersection, Imam Reza St No.8, Mashhad

Meals in Mashhad

In the following, we will review the food and eating travel guide to Mashhad. The price of food in Mashhad depends on the type and class of the restaurant. Since the city hosts many travelers, the number of dining rooms is large and varied. From about 12 thousand to 50 thousand Tomans is the price of one meal in Mashhad. Mashhad’s cuisine is very diverse and many of them are among the local dishes of Mashhad and its surroundings. Addressing all of them requires writing several articles. Here are some of the most famous ones.

Mashhadi Sholeh

Sholeh Mashhadi

One of the dishes of Mashhad that is known all over the country is Sholeh. Beans are used in its cooking and it is heavy due to its nutrients and is a complete meal on its own. Sholeh is also widely used in vows. Among the most important ingredients are beans, lentils, mung beans, half-grain rice, beef, peppers, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and … Note that increasing the meat of the shell makes it tastier.

Shandiz Shishlik Kebab

Shishlik Shandiz

If you’re a big fan of kebabs, you probably haven’t heard of Shishlik in Shandiz. Grilled kebabs that have become famous all over Iran and barbecues with this name have been opened in different cities. Even in the menu of some restaurants, instead of Shishlik, it is written Shandiz Shishlik. In the travel guide to Mashhad we suggest that you allocate a part of the travel budget for a Shishlik meal.

sweet kuku
Sweet Kuku

Sweet Kuku

Sweet Kuku is the fixed foot of the table in Mashhad. If you don’t eat this one in Mashhad, you are unlikely to find it anywhere else in Iran! It can be served as a dessert and appetizer and is used hot and cold. Eggs, potatoes, corn flour, and saffron are used to make it.



In Khorasan, as much as you want, there are delicious foods in which you must first add bread to your bowl and then eat it. Qoruti is one of them. The main taste of this food is kashk which is very delicious. Qoruti is also a winter food. Not like that they don’t like it in other seasons but it’s something like broth and soup in the winter cold!

Yogurt Ash

Yogurt Ash

Ash, like kebabs, is a staple of Iranian food and can be found in many different cities in Iran. The people of Mashhad also have their own way to cook this useful and delicious Iranian food. Another Mashhad dish that is very popular among Khorasan people is yogurt. Of course, the surrounding cities and neighboring Mashhad especially Sabzevar, also have a special skill in cooking it.

Best Restaurants in Mashhad

karim boys restaurant
Karim Boys Restaurant

Karim Boys Restaurant

The complex has been operating since 1980 and currently has three active branches. Karim Boys Restaurant is one of the old and famous restaurants in Mashhad with excellent quality of food with service and reasonable price in a cozy environment and serving Iranian food to its customers. One of the popular dishes of Karim Boys Restaurant in Mashhad is the Chelo Mahiche. If you don’t want to miss that visit the restaurant in the early hours.

Karim Boys Central Branch: Farhad St No.22, Sajjad Blvd, Mashhad

special dish
Mahicheh at Karim Boys Restaurant

Rezaei Restaurant

Rezaei Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Mashhad. If you ask people in Mashhad for a qualified restaurant especially the older ones, Rezaei Restaurant will be one of the first few offers. The branches of Rezaei Restaurant have expanded one after another in Mashhad. There are 5 branches in Mashhad and one branch in the Babel City.

Branch 1: Abkuh St, the Kolahduz intersection

Branch 2: Azadi Square, against the Mellat Bank,

Branch 3: No.10/2, Akhund Khorasani St

Branch 4: between Tohid No.1 and 3, Janbazan Blvd, Babel City

Branch 5: in front of the Radio and Television Organization, Shahid Montazeri Blvd, Mashhad


Yazdan mansion dining hall

A newly established restaurant that has become very popular among the people. Guests sit in private rooms and hold their own parties. Yazdan mansion in Mashhad consists of about 30 rooms, some of which are connected to each other for more space.

Address: Imam Reza17, Torqabeh Road, Mashhad

holly shrine
The Holly Shrine of Imam Reza

Spectacular attractions in Mashhad

The shrine of Imam Reza

The first and most important attraction of Mashhad is the holy shrine of Imam Reza. The shrine is located in the eastern half of the city and you can easily reach it by taxi and bus. If you want to go to the shrine by subway you have to get off at the Basij Square station and reach the shrine by walking along Imam Reza Street.

Ferdowsi Tomb

Ferdowsi’s tomb

In order to visit Ferdowsi’s tomb, you have to go 25 km northwest of Mashhad. The tomb is located near the historic Tabaran and the tomb of Haruniyeh. The current building of this complex was opened in 1313 and was built in the form of Persepolis and Pasargad.

Nader Shah Tomb

Nader Shah’s tomb

Nader Shah’s tomb is located in the garden complex of Naderi Museum in Mashhad. The tomb is located northwest of the Shohada intersection and consists of a central part and two museum halls.

Khajeh Abasalt

Khajeh Abasalt was a close friend of Imam Reza and died 4 years after the martyrdom of Imam Reza in Mashhad. His tomb is located 14 km southeast of Mashhad. Its main building is quadrangular and each side has a door.

Khajeh Rabi

This tomb which is located at the end of Khajeh Rabi Street in Mashhad was built during the Safavid period and was nationally registered in 1310. It is said that Imam Reza visited the grave of Khajeh Rabi.

Shandiz Complex


Shandiz in west of Mashhad is a great place for nature and sightseeing. In addition to enjoying the spectacular scenery, you can also enjoy delicious food in its famous restaurants.

Water Waves Land in Mashhad

Water parks

Mashhad has 4 water parks that will bring you pleasant fun on hot summer days. Each of these parks has special discounts at specific times that you can use.

Shopping centers in Mashhad

Almas Shargh Commercial Complex

Address: Almas Shargh Commercial Complex, Baharestan Blvd, Khayyam Blvd, Mashhad

almas shargh
Almas Shargh

Vesal Commercial Complex

Address: Next to Almas Shargh Commercial Complex, North Khayyam Blvd, Mashhad

Working hours: 10 am to 11 pm

Proma Commercial Complex

Address: northeast side of Janbaz Square, Mashhad

Hours: 9 a.m. to midnight

Poroma Shopping Center

Alton Commercial Complex

Address: between University 22 and 23, University Blvd, Mashhad

Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tourist Village Commercial Complex

Address: , Village Tourist Entertainment Commercial Complex Mashhad, at the beginning of Torqabeh Road, Villashahr, Mashhad

Urban information required in Mashhad

Mashhad code: 051

Distance from Tehran: 888 km

Air travel time: about an hour and 30 minutes

Travel time by train: by high-speed train 7 hours and 12 hours by ordinary train

Travel time by car: about 10 hours non-stop



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