5 Luxury Hotels in Iran

 Watching life under the sea

Toranj Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the country It is a great place to stay on Kish Island , It is Iran’s first and only Marine hotel and it has two sight (sea and beach). It is located in the northwest of the island. It has royal suite with glasses windows, from which you can watch sea, aquatic plants and fishes. All of the suites of the hotel are aligned in such a way that the paisley  pattern( botejeghe), the original Iranian design, is displayed. It is interesting to know that all parts of the hotel are connected by Wooden pier. You can book Toranj Hotel now at Travital to enjoy your vacation on the waves of the Persian Gulf.

Stay in the style of the Princes of Qajar and Safavid

The Abbasi hotel is always known as one of the most expensive hotels in Iran. The Abbasi Hotel was built about 300 years ago in Isfahan. Since in the past it use as  caravanserai, We can count it as one of the oldest guesthouse in the world. Abbasi hotel has 225 rooms, some of them have unique features; The most special are the Qajar and Safavid suites Which is decorated with the architectural style of these historical periods. You can book Abbasi Hotel online! The most beautiful international Middle East!

Collection of comfort and convenience

Turkey’s Kaya Hotels Complex is well known for over 30 years. Hotel Kaya is located in the northwest of Tabriz city and near to Laleh Park Shopping Center. This hotel is not just a residence it has 126 stores that are representatives of international brands. Hotel Laleh Park has other facilities, it has one of the best restaurants in Tabriz,that serves you the best  Iranian and foreign foods with the most delicious flavors. Now you can book Kaya Laleh Park Hotel online for your next holiday!

Stay in Royal Hotel near the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)

Darvishi Royal Hotel in Mashhad is built in 25 floors. With its unique architecture, it is considered one of the tallest hotels in Iran. The hotel is just 1.4 km away from the holy place, you can walk for 10 minute to get to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. Darvishi Hotel is the only eastern Atrium Hotel in Iran. In order to bring a comfortable and pleasant stay, the hotel provides the branch of restaurants: Atrium  restaurant, Roof Garden Restaurant, Berkeh Traditional Teahouse, Arghavan Restaurant, Firoozeh fast food , Spa coffee shop and so on. You can enjoy your vacation while tasting delicious and local food.

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Luxury and Comfort  Accommodation

The five star Espinas Palace Hotel is stylish and the largest hotel in Tehran, with a modern and unique architecture. The Palace is a fantastic alternative to conventional hotel accommodation both for the corporate guest and discerning city visitor. The boutique-style rooms and suites are fabulously equipped and friendly staff will attend to your every need, giving you complete privacy,when you need it and the comforts to which you are accustomed. Espinas Palace café offers a wide selection of drinks, light refreshments and dining options for up to 70 diners. You can absorb beauty, learn about peace and tranquility, indulge in music and discover melodies in the sleek and stylish lobby and take your choice from a superb à la carte menu or tempting daily specials. If you would like to know about the hotel’s prices and book Espinas Palace online you can reserve at Travital

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