10 Best 3-star Hotels In Isfahan

Introduction of 10 3-star hotels in Isfahan

3 star hotels in Isfahan have good quality and also high quantity. The quantity gives you this possibility to have an economic stay in such a tourist town and you have more options to choose. We’re going to introduce you 10 best 3-star hotels in Isfahan today in this issue. So stay with us in Travital website and get familiar with some available services for you and the distance between these hotels and sights of the city.

What services do 3-star hotels in Isfahan have?

Let’s have a look on different services of a 3-star hotel before mentioning these hotel’s names. It is very clear that a 3-star hotel in compare with a 2-star hotel has a larger area. In a 3-star hotel the quality of bed set and it’s accessories like pillows and mattress should be in standard level. All the facilities are in medium level with all services of a 3-star hotel.

You will receive 3 meals in a day (If it it’s mentioned in hotels services description), hotel workers work in 24 hours and reception is working during the day and night. On the other hand, the quality of hygiene in rooms and kitchen or restaurant should be more than clean and tidy. And there should be personal bathroom or W.C in every room.

Sheikh Bahayi , one of the best 3-star hotels in Isfahan

This is the first hotel we are going to introduce you. It is only 10 years passed from constructing this hotel in 2010 and so we can it’s a good hotel with proper substructures.

In terms of the location, this hotel has a little distance with historic attractions like: Khaju bridge or Naqsh e Jahan square and all the other attractions around them and this is considered as another advantage.

The different services and facilities of this hotel

This hotel is working in 7 floors and 52 rooms. Provided services of this hotel are including; clean and tidy bed set, the proper light and air conditioner system, the 24 hour cleaning services of rooms, wake up system, refrigerator, tea maker, safe box and services like that. We can also refer to;

Free internet in public places of hotel, Two kinds of restaurant, Coffee shop, Laundry service, Lobby with 30 persons capacity, Luggage room, Conference salon, Car rental

Address: the beginning of Sheikh Bahayi street, Bagh Abbasi intersection, Isfahan

Tolo e khorshid, a traditional residence among 3 stars

This traditional hotel is one of other bests in Isfahan. It was built in 2012 and it’s considered a newcomer. We can say it has right and proper facilities. In terms of architecture and services, it is one of the bests which is near to different sights of Isfahan.

Different services and facilities of hotel

The building has 2 floors and in whole 21 rooms. All the rooms have clean and comfortable bed set, table and chair, cooling and heating system, personal W.C and bathroom, daily services of rooms and many other services. These services are provided as well;

Car park, Transfer services, Laundry, News paper, TV, Lobby with 10 person capacity, Store, Fax and photocopy machine, Coffee shop

Address: the third stop street, Allaeddin street, allay NUMBER 37, Ebn e Sina street, Isfahan

Espadana hotel, a residence with proper facilities

Opposite the two hotels we have just introduced you, this hotel was built in 1994 and has an experience of 25 years reception. The architecture is kind of mixed German and Iranian and it gives the hotel a special beauty. Of course this hotel was rebuilt in 2016. It is located in a little distance with Vank church and Zargarha bazaar.

Services and facilities

This hotel has 4 floors and 32 rooms. The hotel’s rooms have facilities like;TV, bath, refrigerator, hygiene tools, balcony, dresser, internet, heating-cooling system and other equipment. These are actually public facilities;

Lobby with 7 person capacity

Prayer room, Luggage room, House services, Emergency stairs, Coffee shop, Fire extinguisher

Address: between Ferdowsi and Siosepol bridge, Ayeeneh khaneh boulevard, Isfahan


Azadi hotel, a hotel with suitable distance to attractions

We must put it’s name in list of old 3-star hotels in Isfahan. It was established in 1978 but it was renovated in 2016.this hotel also has great access to sights and attractions of the city.

Different services and facilities of the hotel

It is in 3 floors with 38 rooms and 82 beds in whole. Facilities of this hotel are; TV, hygiene tools, power switch, breakfast, air condition, lampshade and lot’s of other facilities like;

Store, Taxi service, Emergency stairs, 24 hour reception, Tour services, Alarm, Fire alarm system

Address: Masjed e Seyed street, Takhti crossroad, Isfahan


Part hotel in Isfahan with most facilities

It is only 10 years passed after establishing this hotel but for improving the services it was renovated in 2017 once more. It has easy access to lot’s of historic and spectacular attractions in Isfahan. This hotel also has some entertaining services like swimming pool.

Different services and facilities

Emergency stairs, Fire extinguisher, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Taxi service, Special services for limited movement people

Address: Jahan Ara allay, Charbagh abbasi street, Isfahan


Setareh hotel, an economic hotel in Isfahan

It’s one of best 3-star hotels in Isfahan with a different shape and exterior compared with other hotels. Because modern and traditional architecture, have used to design it. Having nice and experienced workers, is one of other advantages of this hotel beside the short distance to most of the attractions. Mean while the name of this hotel is put in the list of 11 economic good hotels in Isfahan.

Different services and facilities

This 3-star hotel has 3 floors with 52 rooms in whole. The rooms have prepared with different services like; dresser, refrigerator, bathroom, internet, fire extinguish system, lampshade and many other facilities, such as;

Luggage room, Summer restaurant, Coffee shop, Tea house, Currency exchange, Newspaper, Car park, Tour services, Air condition, Special formalities

Address: Hafez street, Naqsh e Jahan square, Isfahan


Hakhamaneshian Partak hotel, the first hotel apartment in Isfahan

This time we go to a hotel apartment in Isfahan which was established in 2017 and it has a good and easy access to most of the sights of Isfahan for having 14 kilometres distance to the downtown.

Services and facilities of this hotel

It has two floors and 24 rooms with services like; balcony, sofa, drawer, air condition, TV, kitchen, bathroom, internet and many other public facilities, such as;

Store, CIP services, Coffee shop, Smoking room, Car park, Currency exchange

Address: opposite the traffic park, Resalat NO 1 street, Imam Khomeini street, Isfahan


Mahan hotel, tourism hotel in Isfahan

It is an accommodation relatively new! This hotel for being located next to two important main highways in city; get you to your destination in a short time. The interior is also very luxury and beautiful.

Services and facilities

It is a building with 6 floors and 48 rooms that each one is prepared with; TV, refrigerator, movie broadcast channel, dresser and drawer and also;

Prayer room, car park, coffee shop, Coffee net, Game net, Medical services, Ticket services

Address: 22th of Bahman street, Noorbaran crossroad, Bozorgmehr square, Isfahan


Venus hotel one of big hotels in Isfahan

This hotel with 3000 square meters space is one of the big hotels in heart of the city. In addition to being close to historic attractions, it’s a beautiful and rather luxury hotel which meets your expectations.

Services and facilities of the hotel

It has 8 floors and 58 rooms which are equipped with; sofa, tea maker, lampshade, drawer, dresser, comfortable bed set and also;

Lobby, Special formalities services, Coffee shop, Fire extinguisher,Movie broadcast channel

Address: between Goldasteh and Palestine crossroad, Amadgah street, Isfahan


A blend of art and modernity in Zohreh hotel of Isfahan

It’s one of 3-star hotels in Isfahan which is among the most beautiful accommodations of this city. This hotel is located in downtown and has many facilities. The staff behavior is very nice and its services are proper and suitable.

Different services of this hotel

It’s a building with in 10 floors with 51 rooms equipped with; kitchen, movie broadcast channel, internet, heating-cooling system and many public facilities like;

Coffee shop, elevator, restaurant, tea house, ticket services and transfer services.

Address: between Affiyat and Manuchehri street, Ferdosi street, Isfahan


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Here we are! We have just introduced you 10 best 3-star hotels in Isfahan and it’s now up to you to choose your accommodation. It takes only a reference to Travital website to book any hotel you wish. And please don’t forget to leave your comment and ideas and we appreciate you to share your experience with us if you have been in one of these hotels.




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